The 7 Best AR-15 Gun & Rifle Models (2020)

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Best AR 15 rifle
Best Value
Best AR 15 rifle
Best AR 15 rifle
Best AR 15 rifle
Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 5.56 16″
BAD-15 Brownells Exclusive Precision Patrol Rifle
Daniel Defense – Ddm4 V7 16in 5.56x45mm
​Smith & Wesson – M&P 15t M-Lok 5.56 16″
Aero Precision – Ac-15 5.56x45mm Nato 16″
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent August 2020
Test Result 9.8/10 Excellent August 2020
Test Result 9.7/10 Very Good August 2020
Test Result 9.7/10 Very Good August 2020
Test Result 9.6/10 Very Good August 2020
Value for Money
  • Very light weight
  • High quality build
  • Very accurate over 350 yard range
  • Great customizablity
  • Very duarbel and reliable shooting
  • Great accuracy
  • Weighing only 6.3 lbs.
  • M-Lok for great customisability
  • Very effective Flash suppressor
  • High-quality steel barrel
  • Magpull MBUS Sights
  • Overall high quality craftsmanship
  • M4 Barrel look
  • 16″ barrel length
  • Great for shooting training
  • None
  • None
  • Price a bit higher
  • Little bit heavier
  • Trigger a bit hard to pull
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Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 5.56 16″
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent August 2020
Value for Money
  • Very light weight
  • High quality build
  • Very accurate over 350 yard range
  • None
Recommended by us
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Best Value
Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
BAD-15 Brownells Exclusive Precision Patrol Rifle
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.8/10 Excellent August 2020
Value for Money
  • Great customizablity
  • Very duarbel and reliable shooting
  • Great accuracy
  • None
Recommended by us
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Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
Daniel Defense – Ddm4 V7 16in 5.56x45mm
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.7/10 Very Good August 2020
Value for Money
  • Weighing only 6.3 lbs.
  • M-Lok for great customisability
  • Very effective Flash suppressor
  • Price a bit higher
Recommended by us
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Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
​Smith & Wesson – M&P 15t M-Lok 5.56 16″
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.7/10 Very Good August 2020
Value for Money
  • High-quality steel barrel
  • Magpull MBUS Sights
  • Overall high quality craftsmanship
  • Little bit heavier
Recommended by us
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Best AR 15 rifle
AR-15 Model
Aero Precision – Ac-15 5.56x45mm Nato 16″
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.6/10 Very Good August 2020
Value for Money
  • M4 Barrel look
  • 16″ barrel length
  • Great for shooting training
  • Trigger a bit hard to pull
Recommended by us
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The Best AR-15 Gun & Rifle Models

The AR-15 arose from a request made to the US army to create a 22 calibre rifle with an effective range of 500 metres, leaving the project to Eugene Stoner.

The AR-15 model was an assault rifle with excellent qualities for its time, it is a rifle designed for both ordinary combat and sniper fire due to its great effectiveness.

Development of the AR-15

After its development in 1957, the AR-15 owes its existence to studies that proved that the best military cartridge would be similar to a high-speed .223.

The standard weapon accepts a variety of magazines with different capacities and has a grip that protrudes from the stock line, resulting in a highly adaptable and configurable rifle.

It can be equipped with accessories such as a bipod, retractable or folding stocks, barrels with flame arresters and rail systems to add flashlights, laser pointers, telescopic sight, etc.


The AR-15 has a mechanism drawer with two sections; upper and lower, separate and easy to dismantle without tools.

Its upper section is considered an isolated accessory and can be purchased from various suppliers.

This is attractive for those who wish to acquire several upper sections in different gauges and thus be able to interchange them, still using the same lower section.

However, people should be aware of the configuration of the gun, as there may be laws restricting certain modifications (e.g. in the United States), the rifle is based on the design and mechanism of the AR-10, also by designer Eugene Stoner and the ArmaLite corporation.

It was developed as a lightweight version of the AR-10, in the caliber 5.56 x 45 NATO.

The acronym AR comes from ArmaLite, being already used from the models AR-1, AR-5 and subsequent, as well as in shotguns and pistols designed by the company.

It served in several contests.

Examples of these, the Vietnam War, Afghanistan and Iraq, obtaining satisfactory results in combat, at the beginning of these conflicts.

The Second World War has produced numerous successes in the gun & rifle sector together with unparalleled devastation and hardship, which affected the change in strategic policy and strategies.

The first big instructions in the shape of an intermediate bullet and the first mass-produced assault weapon, the Sturmgewehr (StG) 44, originated from Germany, and was then adopted by the Soviets, who influenced with the StG 44, who created their own variant of the assault rifle, called the AK-47.

Tale of the AR-15

The increasingly pragmatic U.S. forces started to search for a new automatic weapon after another decade to substitute the old combat arms of the caliber.30 and submachine guns of the caliber.45.

The race for lucrative military deals also featured a firm called ArmaLite from the aircraft industry.

Applying the idea of utilizing the newest technological advancements in materials and alloys, Fairchild Corporation’s ArmaLite Company leapt into the race to become the new firearm in the U.S. military-the AR-10.

Although the AR-10 was chambered in the.308 Win, it employed an revolutionary straight-line barrel / stock configuration that featured a gas pump, an aluminum flash suppressor, and a compensator for recoil.

As you already recall, in 1957 ArmaLite’s AR-10 did not receive the military order, instead to be bought by Artillery Inrichtingen, a Dutch maker of arms that marketed it in Europe.

The U.S. after several years The army followed a proposal for a lightweight, high-velocity bullet and a suitable rifle.

Robert Fremont, Eugene Stoner, and L. James Sullivan, ArmaLite project founders, had updated the AR-10 concept and produced a smaller, 5.56 mm AR-10 variant.

Shortly afterwards ArmaLite plunged into financial difficulty, selling the AR venture to Colt Industries in 1959.

Colt started marketing the scaled-down variant of the Armalite AR-10 rifle to international armed powers, called the ArmaLite AR-15.

Soon after, they started supplying in 1962 to numerous U.S. armed forces like the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

While the U.S. military eventually adopted the AR-15 under a 5.56 caliber M16 rifle designation, Colt continued to use the AR-15 trademark for its semi-automatic variants intended for the public market and law enforcement agencies.

Indeed, the AR-15-style rifles look like military-used rifles, but operate like other semi-automatic civilian sports firearms, and differ internally from the fully automatic M16.

Why is the  so AR-15 beloved?

Today, many companies make the AR-15 and its versions in a wide range of configurations, but are marketed as the trademark “AR-15” is registered with Colt Industries under separate designations.

Built on the AR-15 model, the modern sporting rifle (MSR) is commonly common in the United States owing to the compact construction, ergonomics, minimal and manageable recoil, and its practicality.

All of the AR-15 Benefits

A comfortable shooting system is what you could call the small “black rifle,” as this lightweight gun offers relatively better ergonomics than other popular rifles.

With nicknames such as “Barbie for men” or “Lego for adults,” this extremely modular rifle platform allows you to add or remove accessories and components to create or optimize a rifle with a distinct flavor for a special use.

There are plenty of rifle calibers available for the AR-15, varying from the lowly .22LR to the mighty.50 Beowulf, but they all share one similar attribute, a fairly mild and controlled recoil.

The AR-15 is useful for a variety of civilian uses and you can use it for anything from plinking, varmint hunting, target shooting and home defense.

How Accurate is an AR-15?

Because of its accuracy, AR-15’s are popular among civilian shooters and law enforcement forces, in addition to the above benefits.

The AR-platform rifle is a precision-built tool especially designed for accuracy compared with the venerable AK-47.

The expected level of accuracy is typically around two MOA with most budget ARs, whereas mid- and high-end ARs are guaranteed to shoot one MOA, which equates them to bolt action rifles.

Superior accuracy, for example, relies on the individual barrels and sections of the twist angle, as well as the range of ammunition.

As a rule of thumb, shooters choose the heavier, hollow-point bullets for home defense and long-range shooting while FMJ ammo is a good choice for general shooting with an AR-15.

How to Pick The First AR-15

Before addressing this challenge, it should be noted that you do not need to be an engineer to build a specific black rifle of your choosing, but the opinion of a prevailing expert, particularly for the first time buyers, is to procure from a reputable manufacturer a complete gun.

If you have selected the shooting style for which you will be using your AR-15, the next step would be to agree on a suitable AR setup.

Length overall: Carbine length vs Mid-Length vs Rifle-Length

Today, AR-15 platform weapons are available in many configurations ranging from standard 20-inch barrel rifles, 18-inch barrel mid-length rifles, or short carbine-length models with common 14.5′′ and 16 “barrel lengths.

Although full-size rifles have a wider range of sight and can better fit with high-precision purposes, the mid-length rifles with an 18-inch barrel are a reasonable match between the two.

Nevertheless, the carbine length AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel is by far the most functional and common option if we take into consideration the ease of transportation and maneuverability in close quarters without doubt.

Finally, let’s not forget the somewhat less popular AR pistols with barrel-lengths of 4.5′′ and 10.5′′.

The Worst AR-15 Models Analysis

The following is a list of the best AR-15 rifles available on the market right now.

It’s important to note some of the features and characteristics that stand out as interesting enough to give you a closer look as you pass through each.

While it seems like AR construction schemes are all the rage now, purchasing a full weapon from a reputable supplier is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Resale appeal is one of the considerations that may dominate on the scale, since the advertised factory AR-15s are far more expensive than the self-built weapons.

Within consumer regulations makers of AR models are selling weapons in varying price points.

Hence our list below is going to include the best black rifles from several price levels.

First let’s continue with the first product on our list:

Best AR-15 Model Overall: Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 5.56 16″


  • Very light weight
  • High quality build
  • Very accurate over 350 yard range


  • None

What recent users say?

New users claim they could have used this weapon for many applications.

And they were not in the least frustrated as they put well over 500 rounds in the target.

The shooting was accurate and smooth with no malfunctions.

And the shooting groups have also been very tight.

Overall , a great rifle which, according to most users, delivers fast and straight on target.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

It used to be that if you had a robust and well-constructed rifle, odds are it will be a little high in weight.

That is not the case for this kind of weapon.

You should have this to go completely armed and nice and not look like you’re pulling any kind of big dumbbell.

With 30 rounds at your fingertips, it’s a weapon that gets the job done irrespective of whether you’re on the range or out on the prowl searching for a varmint or big game game.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

This would be nice to shooters of all sorts.

They ‘re going to be hunters, regular target shooters, and competitive gunmen.

Any way, you’ve got a perfect AR-15 weapon that makes every shot count no matter what you’re using it to.

It’s a well-built beast that can satisfy you for quite a while and can stay robust as long as you’re taking proper care.

Verdict: Best AR-15 Model Overall

Probably one of the better multi-purpose weapons you can find on the market, the Springfield Armory Saint AR-15. It doesn’t matter on whatever task you it’s being used, you can always get a decent deal of shooting out of the entire thing.

And when we inform you that you can love this great AR-15 model, you can trust us.

Best Home Defense AR-15 Model: BAD-15 Brownells Exclusive Precision Patrol Rifle


  • Great customizablity
  • Very duarbel and reliable shooting
  • Great accuracy


  • None

What recent users say?

This was a weapon among new buyers which created all sorts of waves.

They said it was potentially the nearest to a tactical-style weapon they could find.

It was low in weight, quick to control, so in a target shooting environment they were able to fire off as many shots as required, where they were paced so hit their shots with good timing and accuracy.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

When it comes to tactical factors, the weapon should not weigh us down.

And when fully loaded the weapon must be low in weight.

And that’s just what you’ll be having out of this gun.

Yeah, you can tailor it to your favor to make it more precise and capable of hitting the targets precisely where you need them to go.

It is a tactical weapon built for the range, ground, or even tactical applications.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

This should be a perfect civilian and military weapon to carry.

And this would be mainly attributed to the fact this even though you’ve decked the thing out for better efficiency it can keep high performance.

Plus, it can deal with conditions with extreme tension and come away unscathed.

If you want good quality and outstanding results, then this is the weapon in which to go.

Verdict: Best Home Defense AR-15 Model

 The Battle Arms Development Exclusive Prscision Patro Rifle can be a versatile firearm that citizens and law enforcement officers alike can rely on.

This is a weapon where you have to count every shot.

If it is against a paper target or someone who may act as a danger to someone (if such a case requires it) doesn’t matter.

It will produce the outcomes that you want the moment you pull the trigger and it does.

Best Value AR-15 Model: ​Daniel Defense – Ddm4 V7 16in 5.56x45mm


  • Weighing only 6.3 lbs.
  • M-Lok for great customisability
  • Very effective Flash suppressor


  • Price a bit higher

What recent users say?

Most recent users claim this AR-15 rifle was perfect for applications of all sorts.

But because of the built-in flash hider the hunters who go out for coyotes and varmint at night were much happier.

They said it was a godsend because it not only minimized flash but also decreased flash recoil in the process.

One consumer said if you’re searching for a night hunting AR-15 weapon this one would certainly be one to consider.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

If you’re looking for the ultimate 5.56 NATO rifle, you may want to suggest giving this bad boy a shot.

Particularly when you operate with some high powered and accurate rounds.

Of which they may be one of the regular calibers.

But you realize that if and when you are in a position when you need to place the ideal shot just where you like it, this rifle will do you some harm.

It could be when you’re in the midst of a contest, or while your eyes are fixed on a whitetail deer that you’ve been chasing since the winter.

Unlike other companies that are not just designers but production line businesses, the Daniel Defense is one of the few companies who produce much of their own pieces.

With an impeccable reputation, Daniel Defense is one of North America’s leading AR-15 manufacturers, and its V7 Carbine is the first rifle in the DDM4 portfolio incorporating the M-LOK attachment system.

This compact mounting mechanism specifically mounts and locks accessories tightly at the top of the 15-inch free-floating MFR XS handguard on empty space mounting points.

Since the rail is free-floating, it does not conflict with the harmonics of the bolt, enabling the gun to have enviable accuracy of the arms.

Weighing in at only 6.2 pounds empty, the V7 is one of the most common and lightweight 5.56 mm rifles on the DD.

The DDM4 V7 comes with a mid-length gas device with a government image, forged 16-inch cold hammer (CHF) tube, which offers smooth and effective cycling.

Type 02-128-02338-047 is designed with components from Daniel Defense in the shape of a convenient buttstock and pistol grip constructed of glass-filled silicone with a smooth contact over the molding.

The V7 carbine is fitted with a DD salt water, nitride-finished muzzle apparatus.

The enhanced flash suppressor is machined from stainless steel standard 17-4 PH and practically prevents muzzle flash because of its construction.

The DDM4 features a Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun (SD-3 G), single-stage trigger, and a 30-round size magazine is supplied with one proprietary.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

If you’re worried about locating a weapon quickly and reliably this might be just what you’re searching for.

You should be able to make full use of this when you’re out in the field even while you’re inside the range for as long as you can have it.

As far as durability goes, it is well-built and shows its value.

So, you should use this to bring you to any occasion for hunting or range shooting year in year out.

Verdict: Best Value AR-15 Model

The Daniel Defense DDM4 V7 Nato Matte Black weapon isn’t the weapon you ‘d like to overlook.

Armored in design, precision shooting and lots of fun to use is what you could get out of this gun.

And if you love it at first shot we won’t be shocked.

The DDM4V7 is an incredibly maneuverable firearm with a lightweight, free-floating barrel configuration that easily stays on target.

In reality, one of the best picks for a 5.56 mm rifle is the Daniel Security V7 carbine, but excellence does come at a price.

4th Best AR-15 Model: ​Smith & Wesson – M&P 15t M-Lok 5.56 16″


  • High-quality steel barrel
  • Magpull MBUS Sights
  • Overall high quality craftsmanship


  • Little bit heavier

What recent users say?

Recent users said this weapon was relatively good in design, compared to many other AR-15 Aftermarket models.

Plus, straight out of the door, it was reliable and precise.

One person said he had been able to get close shooting groups between 100 and 200 yards at distances.

Plus, he said it didn’t feel too heavy even when he finished adding some other attachments, such as a camera and a few extra things.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

If you’re hunting for an AR-15 gun that has the quality, so you’re likely to give a better look to this nice model.

It has flip-up sights, a trigger guard that, if you wear gloves, can accommodate your fingertips, and a magazine that can manage up to 30 bullets to have quick and effective feeding.

And because this is a Smith and Wesson, it is one of the most popular weapon on the market that lives up to the brand.

Another modern sports rifle (MSR) that comes from Smith & Wesson, one of the most prominent U.S. weapons makers with a lengthy background of manufacturing weapons.

Smith & Wesson has launched the latest improved M&P15 T (tactical edition), an affordable but yet pricey weapon with a carbine-long gas system, and more than 40 models of AR-platform weapons.

Although both receivers are constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum, the upper flattop features a full-length Picatinny rail that allows for scope or other attachments to be installed.

Designated with production number 11600, the M&P 15 T comes with a 16-inch barrel machined from a 4140 steel and coated with a Melonite finish to avoid corrosion.

The maker additionally fitted the carbine with a chromed bolt carrier group (BCG) and a gas key.

The thin, contoured barrel features 5R rifling and 1:8-inch twist angle, which ideally stabilizes most common bullets and increases accuracy and encourages cleaning.

The pistol has been designed by Smith & Wesson with a thick, 13-inch slim handguard that is an M-LOK-compatible, interchangeable, free-float framework.

It also appears on the muzzle, complete with Magpul MBUS polymer sights and the S&W light suppressor patented in the military model A2.

The firearm was made by Smith & Wesson with a cast, integrated trigger guard and a standard Magpul PMAG magazine in 30-round.

The other possible downside might be rifle seating, a rattle pit, six-position flexible buttstock without a clamp to hold up the slope.

At a gross weight of 7.5 pounds for the M&P15 T Operational kit, the piston is on the heavy side relative to its predecessors.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

This rifle was designed for several purposes.

So whether you’re a citizen searching for the right hunting or target shooting weapon, or a law enforcement officer searching for one with military uses, it may be worth a closer look at.

It is lightweight, has all the correct components you need straight out of the box and can meet the efficiency expectations.

Not just that, it can retain its durability for as long as you are using it (and as long as you always take proper care of it).

Verdict: 4th Best AR-15 Model

The Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 shows it can compete with the big boys and be able to tackle any form of specification irrespective of what it is.

Even in the moments when it matters most, it’s assured never crash or fail on you.

If you choose a weapon with a brand that other shooters trust, Smith and Wesson might be the one from which you will be buying.

Without doubt the Tactical variant, M&P15 T, is the latest top bid of the S&W M&P15 development line.

Although marginally heavier than other AR-15 rifles, the M&P15 T is an ideally fitted carbine for use in a position of home defence.

Best Practice AR-15 Model: Aero Precision – Ac-15 5.56x45mm Nato 16″


  • M4 Barrel look
  • 16″ barrel length
  • Great for shooting training


  • Trigger a bit hard to pull

What recent users say?

One consumer said he was incredibly satisfied with how accurate the rifle was across 2000 rounds.

He said he never went through any incidents of failure and said for his long days at range it was a perfect target shooting weapon.

Overall, the weapon was well designed and simple to disassemble for cleaning and repair purposes, several new users said.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

If you’re searching for a weapon that might be one of the more inexpensive choices you might get, this could be the best alternative.

And as far as the price and efficiency goes, you get better than what you bill for.

Not just this, you’ve got a rifle that’s simple to manage since the pistol grip and buttstock are crafted from high-quality composite materials that will give you no-slip grip and you can hold your rifle under pressure.

If you’re searching for an optics-ready, semi-auto AR-15, the mid-length Aero Precision AC-15 flattop rifle is a good alternative that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg while also offering several features that can also be seen in several of the more costly models.

Aero Precision has a tradition in the aerospace sector, including ArmaLite, a legitimate AR maker, allowing them to build much of their components in-house and up to mil-spec requirements.

The AC-15 is a cost-effective rifle that includes all 7075-T6 alloy and sixteen-inch barrel receivers with a twist rate of 1 in 7.

The barrel is constructed from 4150 CMV steel and coated with an AP patented corrosion-resistant coating, sporting an M4 design.

Additionally the barrel comes with M4 feed ramps and a flash suppressor in the A2 model.

The rifle uses a mid-length gas device with the concealed firing pin and a full-auto bolt carrier set.

When the gas key is properly staked, both magnetic particle (MP) and high-pressure (HP) checked the bolt is made of Carpenter 158 steel.

All full Aero Precision rifles are supplied with a rear sight of the Magpul MBUS, a collapsible, M4-style belt, a dust cover, and forward assist, as well as one magazine from Magpul.

If you want to purchase a smaller model weapon you can foresee some tradeoffs.

For eg, quality control ( QC) is an important problem with Aero Precision, in addition to a gritty button.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

If you’re on a budget and you’re hunting for an AR-15 rifle, so this could be the one you’re searching for.

Why settle for the best of the best when you might get a rifle optimal for newcomers that? 

Yeah, if you’re a newbie, it’s important to start with a high-quality, inexpensive starting weapon.

Maybe you’re shocked it can do a better job than any high-end weapon on the market.

Verdict: Best Practice AR-15 Model

The Aero Precision AC-15 Mid-Length Rifle is an excellent option for newbies as well as experienced shooters.

The overall consistency and efficiency of a firearm that is moderately priced and does not lose any of the much-needed consistency that any firearm should have would certainly amaze you.

You deserve the finest, even though it is not high-end and priced quite expensively.

The Aero Precision AC-15 is a powerful, accurate carbine with a rather enticing price tag, for first-time shooters.

It comes with features that make the weapon stand out in its price range among others.

Best Hunting AR-15 Model: ​DPMS – 5.56 Oracle A3 16″ Rifle


  • Amazing for hunting
  • 1:9″ Twist rate of barrel
  • Buttstock adjustable


  • No sights included

What recent users say?

As anticipated, this firearm pleased a lot of new users.

They claimed it was pretty easy to handle, thanks to the built-in flash hider due to the lack of recoil it had right out of the case.

Around half of the new users were hunters, who went to hunt varmint and coyotes at night.

One consumer said he could comfortably put on a thermal scope and a few other gadgets, and could fire off shots without any “light blindness” instances.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

This baby is fairly accurate right out of the start.

If you’re trying to place the rounds on paper or to a range of your choosing anywhere from 100 to 300 yards away, so you’ll be very pleased with what this rifle will achieve without needing to make any more modifications before firing.

Plus, spotting with your scopes and lenses would be better for you as well.

Since DPMS has been selling affordably priced ARs for years, it’s no surprise that the business has quickly become one of the biggest AR-15 model rifles manufacturers.

The DPMS Oracle semi-auto rifle is an outstanding beginner level carbine because it sports several stand-out features such as a reduced weight 16 “light contour” Pencil “barrel, a mil-std A3 upper receiver built of polished 7075 T6 alloys, and a heat-resistant GlacierGuard polymer handguard.

DPMS fitted the Oracle with a lightweight, 4140 chrome-moly barrel that uses a flexible 1:9 “rifling twist and can balance a large range of projectile weights ranging from 5.56 mm.

The firearm comes without sight, but its flattop upper receiver with Picatinny rail and railed gas block instead of an A2 offers a point of connection for riflescopes or open views

While the Oracle is surmounted with an A2 birdcage flash suppressor, it is fitted on the opposite side with the patented collapsible, six-position Pardus stock.

Additionally, a Monte Carlo-style cheek rest and four slots for sling connection are included on the Pardus AR-15 carbine box.

The weapon is fitted with a 30 shot magazine and due to weak quality management, is one of the most underestimated aspects of the 5.56 Oracle.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

This is another weapon we find to be a successful choice for newbies.

Not just because it’s easy to use, but also because it arrives at an reasonable price you can not say no to.

If you want a well-built weapon that meets your specifications and requirements, you may want to give this firearm a whirl at the range.

And best of all, it’s the kind of weapon, no matter what the requirement, that can go the way.


The DPMS 5.56 Oracle is another newbie-friendly weapon that’s cheap, completely usable straight out of the box and certainly can give you the chance to reach your goals a little better than other rifles.

If you’re fishing, shooting targets comfortably or playing with this weapon is a known champion for every reason that requires the usage of an AR-15.

If you’re looking for a good starting rifle, the Oracle is a fantastic option but it’s also a remarkable balance between the sporting and tactical versions, particularly given its more than inexpensive price.

Best Home Defense AR-15 Model: Colt Law Enforcement Carbine 16.1in 5.56x45mm


  • Best AR-15 for Home Defense
  • Railed Gas Block
  • Great value AR-15 Model


  • Factory Magazines are not the best

What recent users say?

A lot of the latest participants were law enforcement officers who typically find themselves in situational circumstances.

They placed this to the test at the training range and in “run and shoot” conditions were able to move around easily and openly.

Not to mention, they said it was precise, durable, and weighed no lot particularly while wearing protective gear.

One person said he made the correct decision for all of his military requirements while considering this weapon.

Why is it one of the Best AR-15 Models?

This is one of the better AR-15 type assault weapons you can buy.

We might as well assume that those who understand them better should only render this one for law enforcement officers.

It’s fast-firing, precise and as far as weight goes, it can excuse it.

We recognize that conditions with elevated tension need much more commitment to the job at hand.

The last thing you need to think about, is your rifle’s weight.

The runner-up is the firm most synonymous with the timeless nature of the AR-15; it is presumably from Colt Manufacturing Company, LLC, that you may infer.

The Colt Law Enforcement Carbine, LE6920 classification, shares many characteristics of its tested sibling, the Colt M4, in action.

Colt’s semi-automatic model would potentially get you closer to having a military M4 than any other carbine from provenance.

Unlike the true M4 Carbine’s 14.5-inch length, the LE6920 M4 Carbine features a significantly wider, 16.1 “chrome-lined length with a twist rate of 1:7 which allows for nearly limitless ammunition range.

The fully-floating barrel is an M4 / government profile and has the step-cut design enabling it to accommodate a grenade launcher from the M203.

The Colt LE6920 uses a system / forend for carbine-length gas and a normal operating device for direct gas impingement.

This civilian-pattern version of the M4 model has a flattop upper receiver with M1913 Picatinny rail with an optics-ready mil-spec.

The Colt Law Enforcement Carbine is delivered with a Gen 2 Magpul Back-up Sight (MBUS), and two Colt-branded 20-round magazines.

As planned, the LE6920’s bolt carrier and barrel are both inspected magnetic particles (MPIs) and checked for high pressure (HPTs).

Although the Colt LE6920 represents an outstanding rendering of the company’s iconic M4 Carbine, it varies in its updated 4-position MOE SL carbine butt stock.

For whom is this AR-15 Model best suited?

If you’re a law enforcement officer and require a gun to help you in situational circumstances where conditions might shift for the best or the worse, this could be what you need.

You should be able to defend yourself and your colleagues from threats who might place you in risk.

Although you may not be forced to do it in self-defense, it’s still nice to be trained for something that may come next.

Why go for the 8-ball while you’re expected to be a move ahead of danger?

Verdict: Best Home Defense AR-15 Model

If you’re searching for an AR-15 that’s the nearest you might come to a law enforcement standard weapon, than you’d be hard pressed somewhere else to find one just like it.

If you’re alone or heading a squad, this weapon will be your go-to tool when you need to protect yourself whenever it takes a sharp turn to be in threat.

You would like to come out of it safe and without any incident.

It isn’t the lightest of weapons at 6.95 lbs, but this M4 Carbine-style weapon gives you the faith you need to complete every task.

Everything you need to learn about AR-15

If you’re creating an upgrade to the AR weapon set, or purchasing the first ever AR-15, the barrel is the firearm’s most important part.

The barrel in AR framework is fixed with a barrel nut to the upper receiver and has a barrel extension which fits into the upper receiver.

In fact, the barrel is essential to the strength of AR-15, as a lot of the weight of the weapon is contained in the frame.

Length of the barrel: Which is the desired type?

To produce maximum efficiency at this range, the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge was initially designed for the AR-15 sniper configuration with a 20′′ frame.

Currently, though, barrels for a blowback-operated AR pistol design are available in a variety of lengths from four inches on up to 24-inch gun length barrels for certain setups.

Because the firearms with barrels shorter than 16′′ belong to the NFA-regulated “Short Barreled Rifle” (SBR) band, opting for at least 16′′ barrels is preferable.

The minimum required barrel length for firearms is, according to federal regulation, sixteen inches.

Also, shorter barrels usually weigh less and are safer to carry as they are not as unwieldy as the rifle-length barrels.

On the other side, although the longer barrels have higher speeds, they aren’t as reliable as shorter barrels.

A fair choice between the two will be a 16′′ or 18′′ barrel from a respectable supplier, with all those critical considerations.

Barrel Chamber: What Ammunition should be Preferred?

The firearm chamber is by nature the part of the muzzle where the bullet sits in before it is shot.

Originally chambered for .223 Remington, the AR-15 was to be later modified to the NATO ammunition measuring 5.56X45 mm.

In reality, if required, commercially manufactured Remington ammo may be used in combat weapons, although in the long run it is not advisable.

Whereas a barrel labelled with 5.56 NATO can fire all rounds accurately, only the bullet can be fired by a barrel chambered for.223 Remington.

There are also alternative chambers such as .223 Wylde that will accurately fire a.223 or a 5.56.

The 5.56 mm is probably the most common alternative for ordinary shooters, because it is easily accessible and inexpensive ammunition.

By simply swapping a barrel, an AR-15’s bolt carrier group and magazine can be configured to fire ten other cartridges and upwards.

Some available AR-15 platform calibers are the 9mmPara, .22LR, 45 ACP, 5.7×28 mm, 6.5 mm Grendel, 6.8 mm Remington SPC,.50 BMG, and.458 SOCOM calibers.

The barrel twist frequency

As you probably know, there are two styles of simple arms, separated between the smooth bore and the rifled bore firearm.

Unlike smooth bore shotguns, there are grooves on the AR-15 weapon which help direct a projectile down the barrel length.

The rifling at the barrel ‘s interior is typically in the shape of helical grooves which helps to steady the projectile when it leaves the pipe, allowing it even more accuracy.

The twist rate is a distance in inches that takes rifling inside the barrel to complete one full rotation.

A shorter span implies a “faster” twist rate able to hold larger, harder projectiles more effectively.

On the other side, slower twist like 1:12 will stable even lighter bullets like 55-grain FMJ.

Although the earliest AR-15 sport rifles have comparatively high rifling twist rates of 1:14 inches, today ordinary twist rates for AR-15 range from 1:7 to 1:12. Experts typically prefer the 1:9 or 1:8 for a decent all-around twist pace.

Barrel Material & Design of the AR-15

A variety of linings are available, but we’ll detail the three simple choices that will give your barrel the best lifespan possible.

The first and most common type of barrel lining is a chrome-lined method that offers the best security against corrosion, fire, and rust and should last for as long as possible until it deteriorates.

Since the U.S. military utilizes chrome-lined barrels in their M4s and M16s, you should be mindful that this coating will induce precision to decline.

The next sort of barrel for your Black Rifle is the barrel of stainless steel.

These are more accurate than chrome lined barrels but have a shorter lifespan before replacing them.

The third alternative is a barrel of nitride, a common finish which is often seen on budget versions.

Whereas barrels of nitride are more economical than those of chrome-lined or stainless steel, they may not have the durability or precision of those two.

Barrel Metals

If it comes to barrel products, you must try out the finest available goods and a trustworthy supplier.

There are usually only two options: – carbon or stainless steel.

An alloy of 4140 carbon steel has a slightly lower tensile strength than that of 4150. It is often regarded as a lesser choice and is most commonly used for budget barrels.

A 4150 steel contains ten per cent more carbon than its ancestor.

This is marginally stronger than 4140 steel but has a variant named 4150 CMV that is used in barrels with mil spec.

A stainless steel 410 is more reliable and immune to heat than carbon steel.

Last but not least, stainless steels 416 and 416R are very similar to stainless steels 410, but with a higher sulfur content which makes the material more gentle to the machine.

Contours of the AR-15 Barrel

This feature describes your barrel’s thickness and overall shape, and is classified into four main categories: lightweight, government, medium , and heavy profiles.

Also featherweight and pencil barrels are included in the lightweight class, and all have reduced barrel wall thickness making them an excellent choice if you do a lot of firing without support.

The government class is a mix of lightweight barrel contours, medium or heavy, and a barrel cutout for an M203 grenade launcher.

The medium profile is an excellent, all-purpose barrel profile similar to the lightweight barrel but it will mitigate heat soak more efficiently.

Heavy profile barrels and their variation, called a bull barrel, refer to the largest barrel wall thickness and provide greater precision and the best performance in full-auto fire.

Forging barrels

The AR-15 barrels can be machined in two ways: Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) and Barrel Hammer Forged (BFH).

Both methods provide a simple way to manufacture very straight rifle barrels in mass production.

Both types of the barrel-making process mean that the “negative” mandrel (carbide tube) is inserted into the “blank” smooth while the large machine hammers the blank around the mandrel to create precise rifling.

While both methods are essentially the same, they put a very high amount of stress on the barrel, thus requiring a process of relieving steel stress to minimize that deformation.

Ramps for Barrel Feeding

The barrel feed ramp is a key aspect of the AR-15, because it pushes a fresh bullet from the magazine into the firing place.

The feed ramp for the AR-15 may be regular or expanded and adapting the ramp form to the upper receiver is important.

Thus normal feed ramps are classified as profiles of rifles A3 or A4 and extended feed ramps are generally referred to as profiles of M4.

AR-15 Fuel Systems: Line Impingement Vs Piston

There are two forms of AR-15 gas system, but the dominant form is the direct impingement (DI) system.

DI is the first configuration in which the gas is siphoned out into a narrow gas port and through a gas tank, and into the gas key mounted on the bolt carrier.

This method involves close tolerances as the only drawback, which ensures that the weapon has to be held in impeccable shape.

The other option is a short stroke piston technique that uses the gasses to drive a piston (piston mechanism) that controls the force.

Under bad weather situations, the piston system is usually more efficient and is generally safer because polluted gas is discharged, but such devices may be prohibitively costly.

Bolt Carrier Category (BCG): Semi-Auto vs Full-Auto BCG

Commonly defined as the AR-15, the bolt carrier group, or BCG, motor, or core, is available as a semi-auto or full-auto (FA) bolt carrier group.

Semi-auto bolt carrier groups are marginally lighter in weight than FA carriers, so they are quite a bit cheaper than the traditional full-auto carrier.

On the other hand, the full auto (FA) bolt carrier group is far more common, but it doesn’t completely automate the rifle.

The full-auto (M16) bolt carrier groups are a little longer on the back end and heavier than the SA BCG, which means that added weight can help the rifle cycle more smoothly.

Usually, the FA Bolt Carrier Group comes with shrouded firing pins to prevent the pin from getting over stressed.

However, the company recently introduced a new category called low-mass, or lightweight, BCG designed for super-lightweight AR-15s.

Although such low-mass carrier groups can decrease weight by as much as 8 oz, they need an adaptive gas device to better control the gas flow to the BCG.

How Does BCG Function

A bolt carrier group is a complicated device full of moving parts but its work begins by pulling the charging handle back and letting go, causing the BCG to push forward, and then removes a bullet from the magazine and releases a projectile into the cannon.

Once the shot is fired and the projectile enters the gas port in the barrel, the gas travels through the gas port, into the gas cap, and then down to the gas tube into the BCG.

Under the gas strain, the BCG is rearwarded and the bolt carrier group pushes towards the action mechanism and buffer inside the receiver extension.

Muzzle accessories

The muzzle systems are fixed to the end of the AR-15 barrel and can block the muzzle flash strength or reduce perceived recoil.

They come in three major categories and flash suppressor is the first choice.

Once a bullet is shot, a light suppressor is built to shield the gunman from the maximum impact of the apparent flame.

The next alternative is a muzzle brake that acts to guide gases to counterbalance recoil and muzzle flip.

Some prototypes may be successful in reducing felt recoil  up to 50 per cent, albeit with greater loudness.

Linear compensators are built to offset the rising-up as the AR-15 is fired, thereby reducing the change in the muzzle only.

A fourth option for your AR-15 muzzle, which is a hybrid device, is a versatile unit created to perform multiple jobs.

The most common hybrid muzzle tool is the A2 flash hider, a mixture of flash reduction, recoil control, and mitigation for the increase in muzzles.

AR 15 Trigger Design

thThe regular trigger group of the  AR-15 consists of the following parts: a gun, a disconnector, a hammer, and a collection of pins and springs to keep it all together.

While evaluating triggers, a standard one-stage trigger is utilized for the overwhelming majority of AR-15s sold at the store.

This standard mil-spec trigger is not the smoothest and lightest, but combined with very positive break and reset, it provides reliability.

While the most budget and mid-range black rifles will come with single stage mil-spec-style triggers, the two-stage or match-grade trigger will be greatly appreciated by advanced shooters who are looking for improved trigger groups with a smoother, lighter pull, overall.

Such devices are built to require less energy to be released, enabling marksmen to position precise shots at competitions and firing distances.

The third alternative for those who want an upgraded trigger instead of buying a proprietary two-stage trigger is to polish the trigger surfaces that come into contact with each other.

This will reduce the pull weight of the trigger, but must be done correctly to avoid a weapon malfunction that can cause a dangerous accidental discharge.

If you are completely comfortable in the procedure and willing to consider the unexpected effects you will not improve your trigger.

Best AR-15 Fabricants & Manufacturers 

Building your own AR-15 is extremely popular these days, but as the factory-grade rifles are generally a good choice and you’ll find plenty of AR experts buying and running stock carbines and rifles.

A variety of AR-15 suppliers vary from big firms to tiny boutique shops that carefully design and hand-fit nearly every component

Anyway, it is possible to divide all the rifles into different categories, taking into account the quality of their parts, machining and final quality control.

AR-15 Premium manufacturers

Tier 1 AR manufacturers offer top quality materials machined AR-15 rifles using top-notch parts with impeccable fit and finish.

The best ARs appear to come from reputable rifle vendors not cutting corners and paying close attention to details.

Premium AR-15 fire and function manufacturers test their complete rifles before the rifle leaves its doors.

This list only represents a few reputable Premium AR-15 makers:

  • Colt 
  • Company (BCM)
  • Knight’s Armament (KAC)
  • Daniel Defense
  • Laure
  • Noveske

Manufacturers of Mid-Range AR-15

In general, the mid-range manufacturers on the list below sell for less than $1,000, unlike the top tier AR-15 manufacturers.

These are also respectable brands of the AR-15 that offer well-made AR-15s that work well for training / range / target practice.

If you only want an AR-15 from a supplier you recognize and trust then this list of decent mid-range AR-15s should be looking solid:

  • Ruger
  • SIG Sauer
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Aero Precision  
  • FN Herstal

Manufacturers for  budget AR-15

Those with a budget-minded mind should look for solid companies with good entry-level rifles.

The budget AR-15s are powerful, effective weapons and can typically be purchased at only half the cost of mid-range firearms and even less.

It contains this round-up of inexpensive rifles:

  • DMPS
  • Anderson Manufacturing
  • Palmetto State Armory
  • Rock River Arms
  • Bushmaster

Tips to Build an AR-15

As for the benefits of the AR-platform, most weapons experts agree that the modularity is at the top of the list, in addition to its precision and versatility.

Constructing an AR-15 instead of purchasing is not only a fun activity but an adventure.

When you are contemplating aftermarket items for your very first project, certain parts that are already installed might be a smart choice to buy.

It’s advisable to buy a full upper receiver that will save you time and frustration and then you can customize your lower one to your preferences.

One note: You should determine which task you should use your weapon for before you buy the first component.

For example, if you choose a top with a fixed carry handle, building a civilian “Retro” version of the Vietnam era M-16 Rifle would be ideal.

The upper flattop is the much more popular type to build any type of target or varmint carbine / rifle since any type of optical sight can be mounted onto the flattop.

The first part you will need is a lower receiver, which is actually the part that makes an AR-15 in the eyes of the law as a firearm.

Without a background check all other AR parts can be shipped directly to your home.

As mentioned above, the bolt carrier group should have the correct quality inspection markings such as high pressure tested (HPT) and inspected magnetic particle (MPI).

Designing your own “Frankengun” would not only allow you to apply your own personal touch to the firearm design, but will definitely be your pride and joy.


The semi-automatic AR-15 and its small-caliber, high-velocity twin unquestionably became “America’s Gun” over the last three decades.

Even though some call the AR-15-style rifle a “assault weapon” due to ignorance or a prior thought of malice, the AR-15-style guns are NOT “assault weapons” but the most popular modern sporting rifles of today.

The firearms on the AR-15 platform are an excellent choice whether you are looking for a new, complete rifle to add to your collection or if you are looking to build a rifle with the features that you want.

Whether you’re planning to get your hands on a standard factory-built AR, customize certain specific features or try to go the DIY route, the above guidelines will certainly help you make a wise decision.

AR 15: People ask, too

The following is a list of frequently asked questions from those who are potential buyers of the AR-15.

Use this as a guide so you can get a good understanding of how they work and be aware of anything that gets you to make a well-informed decision.

Here are some questions:

Which AR 15 Brands Do Military Use?

Due to various reasons, the Colt Firearms company has been licensed to produce and sell AR-15 rifles to the United States military.

These are the rifles also used by tactical teams linked to federal agencies (FBI, DEA, etc.)

Which is the Caliber of Most Accurate AR 15?

These days this is a matter of discussion among shooters.

But if we had to choose one, we can say that out of the bunch the 6.5 Grendel is probably the most accurate caliber.

This round can hit hard, and with accurate accuracy of up to 1,000 yards.

Will the AR 15 be banned in the future?

Although the AR-15 is not completely illegal, regulations are in effect in states and localities where it is prohibited.

Before making a purchasing decision it is important to read up on your local , state and federal laws.

As to whether it will be banned at all or not, only time will tell.

Yet pro-gun advocates are battling for the freedom to bear weapons, and you can lawfully and ethically use guns (including having an AR-15).

AK-47 vs AR-15?

A member of Russia’s special forces does recount his experience in anti-terrorist missions.

The answer is not as clear as it might seem at first glance.

Exactly one hundred years have passed since the birth of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the creator of the AK-47, the deadliest and most widely produced weapon of the 20th century.

There are now more than 100 million riles of this type worldwide.

Since the end of World War II, the debate about the virtues of the Russian AK and the American AR-15 (the platform on which the best known US rifles, including the M16 and M4, were created) has not stopped.

An active member of the Russian special forces, who has been involved in anti-terrorist operations both in Russia and abroad, has spoken to Russia Beyond about which weapon is best and in which combat situations it is most useful.

The perfect weapon

The perfect weapon is the Molotov cocktail.

The rest is good and effective in its own way.

No weapon in the world can surpass the Kalashnikov (AK) assault rifle in several respects.

The main one is reliability.

The AK does not need to be precise or ergonomic, like American and German rifles.

Its main advantages are ease of production and operability, as well as maximum reliability.

Basically, all the soldiers in our unit are armed with the AR-15 and M4, as well as the German HK416 and HK417.

But when we go on a mission to some “country over there”, we always take the AK with us.

The reason is simple: we are 100% sure that it will work.

Although the AK’s firing density leaves much to be desired compared to other rifles, it is perfectly acceptable when fired at close range (up to 200 meters).

Whether you shoot or not depends solely on your level of training and ability to operate in stressful situations, when enemy bullets are flying at you.

The ‘pros’ of the AR-15

The Kalashnikov will never outperform the AR-15 in terms of precision and ergonomics.

When shooting at long range (600-700 meters), sniper rifles based on the AR-15 platform are always used.

The reason is simple:

Russia does not produce high-grade weapons that would allow special forces to do their job at such distances.

Besides precision, another advantage of the American weapon is its customization: you can select the stock, the handle, the sights and adjust the sensitivity of the trigger (the trigger of a pistol is like the clutch of a car, i.e. the link between the shooter and the heart of the machine).

In addition, the recoil of the AR-15 platform is much less than that of the AK.

It hits you right in the shoulder and the rifle jumps much less when you shoot.

In battle this can save vital seconds.

In short, there is no need to reposition the weapon and you can shoot in bursts over the same spot.

What needs to be touched up

The reliability of the RA could be improved.

As for the AK, everything that could be improved has already been improved. In fact, Russia should erect a golden monument to Kalashnikov in front of the Kremlin and thank him, and then forget about the AK forever.

What we need is a completely new weapon, based on a completely new engine’.

The AK-12 is not a new weapon.

It is a major improvement on the AK-74 for combined arms needs, not a fundamentally new special forces rifle for the 21st century.

The AK-12 is a set of ergonomic solutions to make the old AK-74 an effective weapon in the hands of regular soldiers in 21st century wars, but not a weapon for special forces that need to eliminate point targets anywhere in the world.

Top 5 Retro AR-15’s

Until now, the trend was clear: more rails and mounting systems for accessories and optics, better triggers, skeletonization and state-of-the-art technology.

Increasingly, however, manufacturers and customers are looking back to the beginnings of the AR platform.

We present a selection of retro ARs from Brownells and Troy.

Until now, the trend has been clear: more rails and mounting systems for accessories and optics, better prints, skeletonization and state-of-the-art technology.

However, manufacturers and customers are increasingly looking back to the beginnings of the AR platform.

If you look at the market of AR-15 platform rifles, you will mainly find modern self loading rifles, which have little to do with the original design of the AR platform.

This starts with variable rear stocks with all sorts of features, continues with the now almost always missing carrying handle, the controls like safety and trigger, which were almost always optimized by the factory, and ends with hand protection systems for free-swinging barrels, which have nothing in common with the original grips anymore.

Of course, this usually means that the conspicuous front sight of the AR platform, which also serves as a gas release, is no longer needed.

The latter also disappears under the handguard equipped with various rails and M-Lok & Co.

This trend in the sector of modern semi-automatic machines has continued over the past 10 to 15 years. Now it seems that there is a countermovement:

More and more manufacturers have semi-automatic rifles of the AR platform in their product range, which not only take into account certain epochs of the AR development, but have also been partly copied according to the “original AR”.

The field of application of these rifles is already explained:

These are weapons for lovers and fans of the technology of modern self-loading rifles – real weapons of feeling, which are simply fun to own and shoot with.

From a sporting point of view, they usually cannot keep up with the described modern models of their kind.

Troy: My Service Rifle Series – The GAU-5/A/A and M16A2

The US manufacturer Troy-Industries has become well known to most shooters with the attachments described above, which make up the modern AR-15 rifles:

Handguard systems for free-swinging barrels with mounting options for a wide range of accessories.

Now, however, the “My Service Rifle” series goes in exactly the opposite direction:

AR-15 rifles are produced here, which are supposed to remind us of the service weapons of certain conflicts in US-American history. We have tested two models of this series:

The GAU-5/A/A and the M16A2. The first one is a replica from the Vietnam era, strictly speaking the service weapon of a special unit of the US Air Force.

The rifle became famous through its use in the liberation of prisoners of war in the Son Tay camp – “Operation Ivory Coast”.

The second weapon in the Troy Alliance is an AR version from the early 1990s, which was also used by special units and became famous through its use in Somalia – keyword: “Black Hawk Down”.

A common feature of both models and at the same time the distinguishing feature to newer ARs is the fixed carrying handle.

This means that an optic cannot be mounted so easily on the pica rail of the upper, because it is not available.

The model M16 A2 comes with a rail to screw on the handle.

These mounts – just like the original – do not allow a very good fixation as they only hold one single screw.

In the opinion of the testers, this does not matter: Close to the original is better.

The GAU-5/A/A also comes with a fixed silencer dummy of the then common design and a classic 2-position thrust shaft.

The M16 A2, on the other hand, has an already further developed shaft with a total of 5 positions.

Both models, however, have the same inner values: Both are, of course, direct impingement systems.

The accessories that Troy includes are also special:

In the case of the GAU, in addition to the classic webbing strap, reprints of the original manual as well as the well-known comic-like maintenance instructions are included in the scope of delivery of the gun.

Although these are not originals, we found this addition particularly charming in a weapon of this type.

The retro models from Brownells: BRN-601 and BRN-16A1

With the BRN-601 Brownells offers a replica of the earliest AR-15 versions.

The model dates from the early 1960s and was already introduced to the US Army.

It still has a fixed rear stock as well as the trapezoidal fore-end. Similar to the Troy types, the carrying handle is firmly attached to the upper receiver, but also has a drilled hole for attaching an optical rail.

The BRN-M16A1 is basically “the M16” or the civilian version of it. It is the model which was introduced to the US Army in 1967 and served there until the 1980s.

It is therefore the AR version that was issued and used in the regular armed forces during the Vietnam War.

The design of this version already strongly reminds of what the experts today associate with an AR-15, as Brownells kept it completely in black.

Nevertheless, this version still has a fixed stock, the trapezoidal fore-end and a carrying handle that is firmly attached to the upper part of the case.

With these two models, the customer therefore has the choice between an early introduced model and the classic.

The Brownells prototype: BRN-Proto

In contrast to the models by Troy and the already mentioned rifles by Brownells, the BRN-Proto does not go back into the development history of the ARs, but directly back to the beginning:

Namely to the year 1954, when two gun tinkerers met on a shooting range in the south of the US state of California.

Their names: George Sullivan and Eugene Stoner. Sullivan had just started a company called “ArmaLite”.

According to his ideas, the company was to develop weapon designs that would then be sold to larger companies.

As luck would have it, Stoner was testing one of his designs on the shooting range.

Sullivan liked the development so much that shortly after that Stoner worked as chief developer at ArmaLite.

This collaboration resulted in the AR-10 in the .308 Winchester caliber, with some intermediate steps.

The large calibre did not meet with much approval, especially in the military sector, so that one year later the AR-15 model was developed – this time in the .223 Remington calibre.

The Brownells BRN-Proto is based on the designs of this period.

This is immediately apparent in the self-loading gun:

The stock design is still very different from the classic designs of the above mentioned models.

This is not only due to the brown color, but also because the hand guard is unusually thick for a .223 Remington caliber weapon.

This is due to the fact that Eugene Stoner used the hand guard of the previously developed AR-10s for his AR-15 prototype.

Another point also catches the eye: The Proto’s charging-handle is not located at the back of the upper receiver, below the carrying handle.

It finds its place in the carrying handle instead.

However, this could not become generally accepted with later models.

But there is one drawback with all 3 ARs by Brownells:

The test weapons are only pre-versions from Brownells. The rifles are now yet available on the US market.

According to information from Brownells they were working hard to be able to offer them as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Which retro AR to buy?

Finally 2 questions have to be answered:

For which customer groups is the purchase of a Retro-AR suitable and which model should it be?

The Retros are not precision machines. This is already due to the open sights and the mounting of optics.

Due to their construction they are not very stable and therefore lead to less good stray circles than would be the case with a modern assembly.

However, this is not a shortcoming from the tester’s point of view, because that is not what the retros were made for.

They were thought for buyers who enjoy older technology and development history.

But they can also appeal to shooters interested in military history.

Which model you buy depends on what the reason for buying it is.

If the buyer is interested in certain models from the US military history, then Troy’s models will certainly appeal to him.

If the interest is more of a technical nature or if one would like to own a replica of a general part of weapons history, the testers would rather recommend the Brownells models.

All in all, as a person interested in history and technology, one does not do anything wrong with any of the rifles presented – the same applies here as for so many things in life:

When in doubt, listen to your gut.

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