Best 300 Blackout Pistols in 2020

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Since you already know, the AR 15 model (apart from the original), .223 Remington, and 5.56 NATO have a number of modifications in calibers such as 9mm, .22 LR or .224 Valkyrie, so if you’re searching for a bigger size, one with a little bit more boom, there are few choices to explore. Advances in CNC machining technology and modular nature of the AR have significantly improved the AR platform through cartridge upgrading.

In addition to a few medium-powered cartridges such as the 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC and a few massive thumpers such as the.450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf, our favorite is the 300 Blackout as one of the most successful alternative AR chamberings.

The 300 AAC Blackout was not developed as a replacement for the 5.56 but as an addition. It was actually designed to offer an alternative for the integrally suppressed sub-machine gun H&K MP5SD that shot 9 mm rounds of the pistol at the British SAS request.

However, the 300 BLK, also known as 7.62×35 mm, is a sniper projectile developed to produce energy identical to the 7.62×39 mm AK, comparing the ballistics of the 57-N-231 AK Military 120-grain bullet.

Why is the 300 Blackout so popular?

Given that the 300 Blackout, or 300Blk, ammunition meets its full capacity in barrels as short as nine inches, this allows 300Blk firearms to be the perfect CQB and home defense tool.

Another bonus of 300 Blackout is outstanding flexibility for a wide assortment of ammunition for both supersonic and subsonic rounds. The ability to shoot subsonic ammo creates the optimum platform for flash & sound suppressed firearms, and provides an ideal AR-15 platform for tactical use, self-defense and shooting fun.

Hunters will really love this cartridge, as in certain states it is unlawful to use the .223 Remington on deer. You can think of it as a .30-30 for deer hunting, except in an AR you can load the more powerful .30 caliber into the upper receiver chamber, which is more appropriate and ethical.

Specifying expensive ammunition as the main downside, some opponents suggest pistol caliber carbines (PCC) as an alternative to the .300 BLK pistols and SBRs. You can also fire supersonic bullets of over 1,000 ft-lbs of energy with the the best 300 Blackout pistols, which is impossible with PCC.

What is the difference between Pistol-Length vs. Rifle?

The 300 BLK or .300 AAC Blackout cartridges are designed to be chambered in AR-15 ‘s standard multi-caliber lower receiver by simply changing only the barrel. Since the .300 BLK is designed to operate in far shorter barrels, it uses powders appropriate for burning in the shorter barrel lengths.

The initial design for the AR-15 was developed as an assault rifle that was designed with a 20-inch lightweight frame. Shortly after that the new military standards needed a shorter M4 carbine with the 14.5′′ barrel to make handling easier.

As for law-abiding citizens, most civilian rifle barrels are usually required to be 16′′ or longer, since the short-barreled rifles (SBR) belong to a Class 3 NFA that requires a citizen to fill out a Form 4 BATFE and pay a $200 tax stamp.

Best 300 Blackout Pistol review test guide

The longer barrel has a much higher range, so it was decided during tests that each inch of barrel missing would cost 25-50 feet per second (fps) in velocity, which did not mean that the shorter barrel is not as accurate.

Since it can be similarly effective in rifles and pistol-long barrels, the 300 Blackout cartridge owes its reputation and flexibility. Anyway, the maximum effective range of this ultimate short range blaster is estimated at 300 yards, due to the excessive drop.

If you are hunting medium or large game like hogs on typical hunting ranges, it is far superior to a hard-hitting, short, light, and quiet rifle chambered in the .300 BLK. The AR firearm in .300 BLK, on the other side, is a perfect way to have an SBR without the tax tag. Around the same time, it still provides you with a lightweight and useful firearm while also remaining a respectably accurate 100 yard AR platform firearm.

In addition, the 7 or 10.5 inch pistol barrel sizes give the shooter a vast amount of flexibility in confined space shooting which makes this a great home defense firearm.

How to Choose a new Blackout 300 Pistol?

Nowadays the uptick in popularity for AR-platform pistols, especially those chambered in a 300 Blackout, is one popular trend that can not be dismissed. As mentioned earlier, the AR pistol classification included the weapons with barrels shorter than 16 inches and no stock, i.e. they have a special, “pistol” buffer tube which protrudes from the rear of the receiver and does not require the conventional stock to be attached.

Before choosing the best 300 Blackout pistols there are a few things you should consider. Number one is a gas system of pistol length. Since the 300 AAC Blackouts don’t have the force of a 5.56 NATO, the most consistent will be a pistol-length gas system for shooting subsonic and supersonic ammo with or without a suppressor.

However, this shorter gas system causes over-gassing of the firearm, generating more recoil and louder operation. Using specialized H2 or H3 buffers designed to offset harsh operations, you can slightly overcome that problem.

Because the AR weapons are much more labor-intensive than a standard length gas system, you will aim for higher-grade components than you would have in a rifle-length device to prolong the pistol ‘s life. In quality BCGs, the shot-peened bolt and the Carpenter No. 158 steel are common.

It also means you should opt for a longer-lasting mil-spec lower receiver machined with 7075-T6 aluminum, which is almost twice as hard on the Rockwell scale as a commercial 6069-T6 aluminum receiver.

Finally, one aspect is often ignored and that is ergonomics. Some manufacturers offer a bracelet that allows you to put your arm through the bracelet and hold it like a pistol. Such braces are basically a pistol-legal variant of the product, thus providing great comfort and purpose, giving shooters the look and feel of an SBR, but without the expense and hassle of a tax stamp.

The Best .300 Blackout Pistols Review

With the 300 Blackout emerging as one of the most popular AR chambering alternatives, we ‘re taking a look at five best quality AR pistols in that cartridge.

Best 300 Blackout Pistol Overall: Springfield Armory Saint .300 AAC Blackout AR-15 Pistol

Best 300 Blackout Pistol Overall: ​Springfield Armory Saint .300 AAC Blackout AR-15 Pistol


  • Gas System is pistol length
  • Receivers Connected With Patented Accu-Tite Tension System
  • SB Tactical SBX-K Tactical Brace
  • GI Style Charging Handle and Bravo Company Mod 3 Pistol Grip
  • 9-inch Melonite-Teated CMV Barrel Made of 9310 Steel


  • No Sights included

What recent Buyers reported

Even when operated with a mounted suppressor, the gun shoots perfectly right out of the box. This pistol’s recoil is too low for concern, and the trigger runs exceptionally smooth and crisp. Users say the weapon fires clean and is very accurate.

Why it is the Best 300 Blackout Pistol for us

This 300AAC blk AR pistol is the complete package with components of highest quality. Add to functionality the patent-pending, free-float handguard with locking tabs, forward hand stop and an adjustable stabilizing brace. Whereas the customizable gas block helps you to modify the firearm according to the ammo that you need.

Who should buy the Best 300 Blackout Pistol

The SAINT AR-15 Pistol features a nine-inch barrel constructed from Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) coated with Melonite. A 1:7′′ twist rate and pistol-length gas port with pinned, low-profile adjustable gas block sports the 300 Blackout barrel.

Home defense, tactical operations, small game hunting, and target practice. Because the gun can be equipped with a suppressor it becomes more tactically viable. The overall configuration renders it ideal for CQB and a beautiful single hand AR pistol firing. However, the buyer may have to wait for an NFA license because the pistol’s overall length exceeds the prescribed ones by a minor amount.

The barrel muzzle is capped with the faux suppressor muzzle system but this kit does not contain sights, sadly. As you’d expect from this price point, both receivers are machined from forged 7075 T6 aluminum, which is aircraft grade. While the upper comes with forward assist, the lower features the company’s premiere Accu-Tite tension system that adds tension between the upper and lower receivers, overriding any misfits and minimizing movement.

The upper receiver is fitted with a handguard design compatible with patent-pending, free-float M-Lok. The single-stage nickel boron (NiB) treated, GI mechanism is an in-house operation. While the supplier says it is an upgraded polished trigger, it nevertheless feels fairly much like an regular GI trigger with its movement and pull weight.

The BCG’s bolt is precision-machined from 9310 steel for additional durability, which is about ~7 per cent stronger than Carpenter 158 steel “mil-spec.” The bolt is shot-peened and inspected by magnetic particles and the entire M16 bolt-carrier group is finished in super-hard Melonite.

Instead of a rifle buttstock, the SAINT AR-15 Pistol comes with a heavy tungsten carbine H buffer and a robust SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace which makes this weapon compact, fast and ideal for home defense or CQB.


Until recently, Springfield Armory only offered AR-15 rifles and AR-15 Pistols in 5.56 to their popular SAINT family. Following some critical reviews from consumers and the business in general, they launched the latest version of .300 BLK which represents America’s next generation personal defense arm.

The Saint.300AAC blk offers the user many customizability options while offering comfort and precision in shooting. The weapon was specifically built for use with CQB. Plus the ability to divert the sound makes it more effective with the suppressors. Overall it can be called the best tactical 300 blackout pistol.

The nine-inch barrel Springfield is an excellent compact weapon chambered in a battle-proven round and perfectly suited for home defense and suppressor work.

It looks and doubles as a sporting type pistol with the addition of a rugged SB Tactical SBX-K tactical brace hanging off the buffer tube, and also fulfills a defensive role.

2nd Best 300 Blackout Pistol: Sig Sauer MCX Rattler

Best 300 Blackout Pistol: Sig Sauer MCX Rattler review


  • Uses a Gas Piston System
  • 3 Position Telescoping PSB Pistol-Stabilizing Brace
  • 19.3″ Length and 5.1 Pounds of Weight
  • Using a Standard USGI-Patterned AR-15 Magazines
  • Twist Rate = 1:5 is great for 300 AAC Blackout Round


  • Quite expensive, not necessary destruction potential for average user

What the Buyers are reporting 

Sig Sauer MCX Rattler consumers enjoy its compact design, blocking sound capability with a suppressor, and durability. The gun is incredibly lightweight and works easily no matter how rapidly you fire. Thanks to the user-friendly controls the firearm is also lightweight and simple to use.

Why it is the 2nd Best 300 Blackout Pistol for us

As we mentioned in the introduction, the AR pistols based on the platform were developed by a request from the Special Forces to develop a lightweight , compact rifle intended to suppress fired in CQB and urban warfare.

Sig Sauer engineers crafted a customized smaller version of their MCX Virtus weapon series chambered in .300 AAC Blackout and named it MCX Rattler PSB (Pistol Stabilizing Brace).

Rattler from Sig Sauer was built around a short-stroke gas operating system, rather than a conventional buffer tube. Combining a gas piston actuating mechanism with the 5.5-inch barrel in this firearm, Sig produced a powerful, 5.1-pound, 20-inch mass destruction pistol in our review of the best 300 blackout pistols.

The Rattler MCX is like a user’s space-age firearm. It is lightweight, bold and secure. The full size charging handle, the safety selector and the release for mags are all ambidextrous for simple usage. The M-Lok handguard and the full-length rail allow you to add accessories. While the ergonomic and textured gun grip provides great control.

However, this miniature semi-automatic assault weapon is almost too compact for general plinking in addition to the high price tag, and is probably not the ideal AR pistol for beginners.

In addition to the select-fire Rattlers, Sig Sauer also offers a semi-auto only SBR  version for civilian usage, complemented by a three-position telescopic pistol brace, which allows for an even more compact profile, since the Rattler does not require a buffer tube.

Free-floating M-Lok handguards line up with a PDW mil-spec upper receiver that matches all lower mil-spec ARs. To stabilize the .300 BLK, a 5.5-inch barrel forged by the Rattler ‘s hammer features a 1:5 rifling twist.

The free-floating, nitride-finished carbon steel barrel is finished by a two-position, flexible gas piston mechanism under which the muzzle has a three-prong flash suppressor. Built from 7075 T6 aluminum, the modular MCX Rattler frame uses an enhanced AR-type fire control system and standard AR-15 magazines with a USGI pattern.

Who needs this 300 Blackout pistol

Tactical operators. The weapon has three position-stabilizing braces immediately mounted, and a lightweight build with ambidextrous triggers, making it suitable for conditions of extreme pressure. The weapon can be crammed in a rather small carrying space because it lacks a buffer pipeline. If a dangerous situation comes up, it can even be used for home defence.


The Sig Sauer MCX Rattler provides rifle-like strength in a box smaller than other SMGs, as one of the strongest 300BLK handguns for sale in 2020. By far the most feature-packed 300 blk AR pistol on our list is the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler.

Using operating controls and basic ergonomics similar to the AR-15, this small 300 Blackout pistol is the pinnacle for elite operators or experienced civilian shooters in defensive / tactical scenarios.

Since it was designed to ideally suit a tactical operator ‘s needs. You will need to  have it in your inventory, because it is an outstanding weapon.

Best Value for Money 300 Blackout Pistol: PSA 8.5″ Pistol-length 300 AAC Blackout

Best Value for Money 300 Blackout Pistol: PSA 8.5" Pistol-length 300 AAC Blackout PSA 8.5" review


  • Best Price for Value Pistol in our Ranking
  • Shockwave Blade Pistol Brace made by KAK Industries
  • BCG Made of Military-Spec Carpenter 158 Steel
  • Gas Key stabilized with Grade 8 Fasteners and Staked Per Military-Spec
  • Barrel of 8.5″ length, made from Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel


  • Might have some coloring issues

What the buyers are saying

This pistol is outstandingly effective, durable and lightweight, according to consumers. The firearm is really well made and displays little fault even after hundreds of rounds of spewing fire. The recoil is controlled and very small. Some users also recommend adding a red dot to enhance the accuracy. 

Why it is in our Best 300 Blackout pistols ranking

This 300blk pistol is lightweight, accurate and provides outstanding value for money. The chrome-moly barrel has a nitride coating that renders it extremely easy to scrub, and to a certain degree avoids grime. The lightweight M-Lok handguard lets you add different attachments to keep it functional. The barrel is threaded to permit you to add a suppressor, too.

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) provides several various combinations of the AR-15 in terms of barrel length, size, gas system, stocks, and hand guards. The 300 AAC Blackout pistols come in barrel lengths of 7 to 12 inches.

The PSA 8′′ variant uses a pistol-length gas tube paired with a low-profile gas tank. This is completed with an A2-style flash hider and MLOK-compatible with a thin Picatinny rail on top for sights or optics.

In comparison, the design of this handguard comes with a tweaked aluminum KAK Industries Shockwave pistol buffer tube and a polymer blade weapon brace stabiliser from Shockwave Technologies.

The lower receiver is Magpul, mostly constructed of aluminum 7075-T6 and called “MULTI” for caliber, indicating it can operate for more than one firearm. This is fitted with a supportive MOE pistol grip.

BCG (bolt carrier group) is mil-spec (military specification) meaning that it is made of shot-peened Carpenter 158 steel and durability-treated phosphate. Like other Palmetto State Armory (PSA) AR-15 offerings, this pistol is one of the most affordable on the market.

Although several consumers worried of some color issues, the most significant drawback is the lack of sights. Of course, you will still be mindful of the recoil, which is a little stronger than a typical 16′′ barrel AR, but also reasonable and not so difficult to fire.

Who should buy this 300 blackout pistol

The 300blk gun is ideal for veterans and those who want a lightweight and maneuverable home defense firearm. The accessory-compatible rail and handguard enables the consumer to add lights, lasers and sights to enhance the overall versatility for multiple uses. The gun is extremely useful for going around corners and firing with a decrease of only 2-3 inches.


The PSA 8.5 “blackout pistol is the safest, most lightweight and economically feasible choice for newcomers and individuals needing a powerful home protection firearm. And the 1:7 twist rate and nitride-coated barrel is suitable for AR handguns and is the right match for retaining accuracy.

This might not be a “entry-level” pistol because of its very short length, but it is definitely an integral component of any firearms collection irrespective of income status or expertise.

4th Best 300 Blackout Pistol: PSA 16″ 300 AAC Blackout MOE M-Lok Rifle

PSA 16" 300 AAC Blackout MOE M-Lok Rifle review


  • Military Spec Single-Stage Trigger
  • AR-15 Upper and Lower Receiver Forged of 7075-T6 A3
  • Handguard length is a 13.5″ PSA Lightweight M-Lok Free Float Rail
  • operating a Pistol Length Gas System


  • Design is not everyones’ choice

What the Buyers reported

With this rifle nearly every customer is happy. Others may even called it the rifle of the best ‘bang for your dollar.’ The firearm is strong, accurate and dependable. And its strong structure allows it to shoot fast rounds for longer durations. The rifle’s fit and finish is excellent, while the forged receivers contribute to its longevity.

Why we put in the Best 300 Blackout Pistol Ranking

It is a standard length firearm with a strong profile barrel with a twist rate of 1:8 that makes use of a pistol length gas system to provide stability when utilizing a suppressor (common with 300blk rifles). In addition to an accessory-ready rail, handguard and extra BUIS, the Magpul stock and grip render it a full pistol kit in standard firearm measurements.

PSA ‘s 16 “barrel weapon is another option meant for budget-conscious consumers who choose to remain in the normal-length AR-15 market and in particular want to get what they are paying for. That said, the PSA ‘s 16″ barrel of nitride is constructed of 4140 steel and chambered for 300 AAC Blackout ammunition and a M4 barrel extension. The high profile barrel with an A2 flash hider sports a 1 in 8” twist rate and muzzle.

Ironically, this rifle type weapon uses a pistol-length gas system rather than a carbine gas system, because the shorter pistol gas device is favoured for durability and for utilizing a suppressor with which the.300 AAC Blackout was produced. This model includes a PSA 13.5 “Lightweight M-Lok free-float handguard and low-profile gas cap.

All cast receivers are of standard produced from aluminum 7075-T6 and machined to mil-specs. Whereas the lower caliber “MULTI” is called, the upper flat top is an A3-style receiver that provides front assistance and dust cover. Although the shot-peened bolt is made of Carpenter 158 mil-spec material, the full-auto, M-16 bolt profile carrier is made of 8620 material, chrome-lined, and phosphate-coated.

The PSA 16 “300 AAC Blackout MOE M-Lok rifle is fitted with a Magpul carbine belt, Magpul pistol grip, and the kit contains a Magpul MBUS sight package. The buffer tube is constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum with six adjustable configurations to the mil-spec diameter.

Who should use this 300 Blackout pistol?

The rifle is perfect for target practicing and hunting. For the price and durability there are only a few other rifles that can top that. The pistol is really easy to use and encourages you to install modifications and upgrades to enhance your performance.


Palmetto State Armory (PSA) sells affordably priced weapons of outstanding mil-spec specification that conform to the requirements established by the U.S. military. Although the mil-spec assembled, single-stage fire control group complements this PSA budget alternative, many first-time customers can get double duty with this weapon equipped as a traditional “gunfighter” rifle and/or home protection target.

This 300blk rifle is just short of a standard AR-15, since it has a pistol-length gas system to suit the caliber specifically. The full-auto M16 profile bolt carrier is the finest in its class and delivers excellent efficiency along with many premium parts. Ultimately, it is the finest 300blk firearm for the size.

5th Best 300 Blackout Pistol: PSA 7.5″ Pistol-Length 300 AAC

Best 300 Blackout Pistol: PSA 7.5" Pistol-Length 300 AAC review


  • Including a pistol length Gas system
  • Twist rate of 1 in 8″
  • A3 Receivery Type
  • The 2 Receivers constructed of of forged 7075 T6 Aluminum


  • Brace strap too short for some people
  • Stoppy fit of the upper receiver with side to side action

What the Consumers are reporting

Consumers are puzzled at this weapon’s versatility and durability. The harness fits well on both the arm and the shoulder, which assists with the shock handling. Although other users recommend installing a reflex or red dot sight to boost precision, others inform of the noise as well. Yet finally each person appraises the weapon.

Why its ranking as the Best 300 Blackout pistols?

The weapon is lightweight enough to allow you to install attachments on the 9-inch rail and to use them for mid-range targeting purposes. The design of the bolt carrier is full-auto while the flexible weapon brace assists with handling. It’s good for one-handed firing, while for years to come the strong profile barrel and cast receivers keep it securely together.

Who should use this 300 Blackout pistol

This gun is potentially a perfect tool for tactical operations. Plus it can also be used in scenarios of home defense, particularly in tight corners. The full-length rail enables installing attachments for the customer easily and make the gun as practical as possible. The firearm is also good for beginners and casual shooters who just want to attach a 300blk pistol to their collection, despite its size.

For the Special Forces, the short-barreled AR firearms were equipped to reflect a complete weapon of war. When you want to go with a 300 BLK AR gun with a rather short 7.5 “barrel, you can get with this a near rifle stopping power level, and a total length of almost 24.5” gun compactness. The PSA 7.5 “gun incorporates an SBA3 flexible stabilizing harness intended to establish an AR-pistol design that is more functional and precise.

The PSA 7.5 “barrel firearm is chambered in 300 AAC and the barrel is mad out of 4150V Chrome Moly Vanadium. The twist rate of this barrel was wrongly reported as 1:7 on the manufacturer’s website; in reality, it has a twist rate of 1:8.

As one would imagine, the pistol-length gas system suits this high profile barrel and is connected to cast 7075 T6 aluminum receivers. Since both pieces offer a lasting anodized hard coat finish, there are several concerns regarding poor fitting for side to side action.

A SB Tactical SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace is equipped with a n unique pistol 7075-T6 buffer tube, but its strap can be very tight for the typical user ‘s arm. This model comes with upper-type A3 receiver fitted with a nine-inch free-float lightweight M-Lok line.

As ordinary, PSA installed a shot-peened bolt machined from mil-spec Carpenter No. 158 steel into the full-auto profile bolt carrier category. The firearm is equipped with a PSA Fluted Flash Can muzzle device and a single-stage, improved Polished Trigger (EPT) with a standard 5/8-24 muzzle device.


The PSA 7.5 “300blk pistol is the perfect home defense, target range, and training firearm. The 7.5-inch barrel is small enough to deliver flexibility while at the same time without losing mid-range accuracy. The gun shoots flawlessly and is an inexpensive 300blk weapon with long lasting durability and robust architecture.

This 7.5 “barreled AR pistol in 300 AAC is another fantastic budget choice from PSA, providing a good mix of features at a low price with few minor issues. While this Palmetto State Armory AR pistol in the best 300 blackout pistol ranking is purely a tactical alternative for operators, it will still be a lot of fun and is also a valuable home defense tool.


Rifle-caliber pistols are the phenomenon that can not be overlooked any longer because the more weapons in the PDW model gain recognition with the military and customer audience. Established initially as the preferred full-auto arm of war by the elite operators, today a range of semi-automatic weapons of the type AR have found their place in civilian hands.

That kind of weapon is particularly powerful when equipped with a 300 BLK projectile made from the ground to be fired in suppressed short-barreled firearms. The 300 AAC Blackout gun can also be used for firing full-bore supersonic monsters with effects on AR-15 + without a suppressor.


While the 300blk is a common cartridge, it requires some clarity when used for specific purposes. Here we will address some general yet essential questions for interested minds who are just preparing to use this fantastic caliber for fishing, training or even competitions.

300 Blackout vs 556 : Which is Better?

The 300blk uses a bulkier projectile with excellent precision and offers more piercing strength and impact at near ranges. On  the other side, a 5.56 is similarly a lightweight cartridge with poorer penetration but a greater range. 300 blk bullets fit perfectly into 5.56 mags and are the ideal hammer to knock a objective down with fewer shots.

Is the Blackout 300 for combat use?

No, the military usually does not use caliber 300blk, but special operations use it to a degree. Many nations including the UK and the Netherlands often use this quality for their special agents in special ops.

Best 300 Blackout Pistols test ranking review

Although the 300blk was primarily developed to compete with the AK caliber for the military in the 1960s, it’s limited range, and velocity may be a negative reception factor.

Can a 300 Blackout kill a bear?

Sure, a 300 Blackout will eliminate a bear with the positioning of the right shot. There is no point in doubting this with these firearms, having the powerful projectiles(110-240 gr) used and the impact it produces on short range. But, if you meet a big grizzly suddenly you may want to bring a 10 plus round 300blk magazine with you.

How to choose the Best 300 Blackout Pistol

You see a number of lists of the “best” guns for specific uses, but the fact is that which pistol is better is completely dependent on you. It’s a really personal thing to choose a gun, particularly when you depend on it to protect your life.

So instead of asking you which weapons to purchase for self-defense, I’ll speak to you about how to pick a gun and what considerations to remember when making your decision.

Size of the gun 

I suggest compact-sized handguns as a general rule but if a full-size firearm looks safer then do what fits you. I will prefer a small handgun for carry, and a full-size home defense firearm.

Best 300 Blackout Pistol review test

I believe newcomers should keep away from the subcompact weapons, perhaps. The small scale may appear less threatening to the beginner, but the smaller the firearm, the more perceived recoil, the more challenging it becomes to manage smaller arms.

Larger-framed weapons, on the other side, have fewer recoil and require less time to realign the sights between shoots.

Even if you’ve fired before and are a little more advanced, a 9 mm or .300 subcompact pistol, as our best 300 blackout pistols in the ranking, may be perfect as you can quickly slide it into a pocket or a concealed carry holster without it being annoyingly big, unnecessarily noticeable or awkward.


.9 mm and.300 are the two commonly prescribed defense weapons calibers and both are common calibers for law enforcement use.

.45 The ACP shoots a bigger bullet but therefore a greater recoil than the .9 mm. To certain citizens the best alternative could be 9 mm. 9 mm has higher power, fewer rebound, and greater pace to pass through barriers.

Modern hollowpoint technology has proven more than strong enough to close the “stop force” distance between 9 mm and .45, so there’s really no need to pick the.45 ACP unless you’re getting more relaxed.

.38 Special is usually the go-to weapon if you prefer a revolver over a gun. It has controlled recoil, and was a common option when wheelguns were the go-to for law enforcement revolvers then.

I encourage you to buy one that can accommodate + P ammunition, and maybe one chambered in.357 Magnum only to give you a bit more flexibility.


They presume here that you are intending to bring your protective weapon hidden, but even though you are not, it is also useful to use a concealable pistol should you ever determine that you would prefer to travel hidden.

Best 300 Blackout Pistols ranking test review

This can not be either clearly noticeable or written (have the form of the gun show by clothing) and one of the best 300 blackout pistols should be concealable. How concealable a single firearm depends on the outfit you wear, the scale and shape of your gun and when you are wearing it on your back.

Yet concealability doesn’t only mean how your clothing, scale, and construct fit, only how you’re going to hold it.

Yes, if you’re divided between several weapons, it’s important to weigh in your choice if it suits with your personal wardrobe, but don’t simply pick a weapon depending on how good it matches your outfit.

At least to a degree, you can expect needing to dress for your weapons, so you might need to adjust how you do other items, such as bending forward, to keep your weapons concealed.

Features of the best 300 Blackout pistol

I encourage newcomers to look for an external secure weapon. Internal defense in a protective environment needs additional deception, deception that can slow you down or worse may be totally ignored.

I know that sounds a little counter-intuitive, but the extra move is only one more aspect that goes wrong when your survival in a self-defense situation is already on the table.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go completely without a protection. Most suppliers have internal protections in their weapons, such as Glock, to avoid unintended firing.

You’ll even want night sights on any defense firearm you choose. Night sights help you defend yourself even in dim light. Yet you don’t have to have a firearm for them. On certain weapons, you can get aftermarket night sights, but you may even opt to buy a package of these, and get a gunsmith remove the sights on your weapon.

When we talk about the functionality, let’s also talk about the price.

Best 300 Blackout Pistols review test

A cheap gun can satisfy only plinking, but you obviously don’t want your life to trust it. Now you don’t have to pay a lot of money on all kinds of special features on a protective weapon, but you want to make sure you have a high standard product that won’t disappoint when you need it the most.

Selection of the best 300 Blackout pistols to try

Looking through each particular of the Best 300 Blackout Pistols on this list will require more room than I have here, but I’ll send you a list of weapons and a short overview to look at. These are all weapons that I have checked individually and I will not hesitate to protect my life with all of them.

  • Springfield Armory Saint .300 AAC Blackout AR-15 Pistol
  • Sig Sauer MCX Rattler
  • PSA 8.5″ Pistol-length 300 AAC Blackout PSA 8.5″
  • PSA 16″ 300 AAC Blackout MOE M-Lok Rifle
  • PSA 7.5″ Pistol-Length 300 AAC

Try out as many as possible

As I said at the beginning of this essay, the option of any weapon is personal. You do not like the favorite gun of your mate, or even the most commonly preferred defense weapons.

And the only thing you can do to support yourself pick a weapon for self-defense when everything comes down to it is to seek out a number of the Best 300 Blackout Pistols. Borrow weapons from mates, and hire them from ranges or parties, to try a number of various firearms.

Consider practicing with an teacher if necessary so they can help you decide what you need and expect from a weapon, and what handguns would fit well for your normal shooting style.

Yeah, and they will learn to fire with coaches who are male. Although there are lots of male teachers who have expertise showing women how to pick and hold a handgun, when it comes to things like concealability or bring off-body it’s hard to overcome a woman’s first hand experience.


Choosing a weapon shouldn’t be hard. Reflect on what’s best for you, not what’s good for anyone, and you’re going to be doing well.

Choose a company near you that does rentals, if necessary, and really try before you purchase. There are several fantastic choices out there, but don’t be scared to try one that fits well for you.

.300 PRC vs. .30-Caliber

The Hornady .300 PRC ammunition offers nothing better and nothing less than the passel of currently existing .30-caliber magnums when it comes to hunting within 400 yards. It is beyond this when it is important.

.300 PRC vs. .30-Caliber Best 300 Blackout Pistol ammunition ammo test review

Designed primarily for use with ELR (extra long range), the .300 PRC is designed for firing, far out, for example with our Best 300 Blackout Pistols above in the table. This is designed to have intrinsic precision and provide optimal efficiency with strong, aerodynamic projectiles that shrug off wind and maintain pace better than standard bullets with a diameter of.308.

A.375 Ruger necked down to.30 caliber, and spec’d with a very long throat so large, streamlined bullets don’t have to rest with their bases protruding heavily into powder space, the.300 PRC needs a 3.70 inch wide, true-magnum-length magazine case.

Two excellent high-BC (ballistic coefficient) projectiles carry original factory loads: the Hornady 212-grain ELD-X and the 225-grain ELD Game. The first has a .673 BC; the other a.777 eyebrow-raising. That’s approaching the coefficient of iconic bullets.338 Lapua, and it’s worth remembering that the.300 PRC was partially designed as a possible substitute for extreme-range sniper work; something that promises far more accommodating recoil and muzzle blasting.

To date, I have basically fired the.300 PRC from 40 yards, at which I walloped a free-range Nyala giant while shooting with Crusader Safaris, out to 1844 yards, at which distance I peppered with gratifying regularity a 1 by 1.5 MOA rock at. You will learn all about the cartridge’s deep details, its idea and architecture, and it’s success in Shooting Times magazine’s March edition.

A specific article seeks to illustrate the advantages of the.300 PRC as contrasted specifically with some of the already popular.30-caliber magnums on the market. Let ‘s begin with the most popular of them all: the Magnum .300 Winchester.

.300 Winchester Magnum vs Hornady PRC.300

Although I love it, I’m forced to accept the .300 Victory in strictly technical terms. Pb. Pb. Have many obsolete design elements, beginning with the entirely needless belt and including its relatively short collar, which (more than realistic in theory) offers a negligible grasp on the bullet and can theoretically create focus inconsistencies.

The greatest drawback is a relatively low “head height” of 0.72 inches which is the difference from the front of the case mouth and the full overall length of the SAAMI cartridge. Ammunition factories must fuel up to this uniform limit, which avoids the fitting of factory ammunition with large, super-sleek bullets with the very good, steady entry that gains severe aerodynamics in this manner.

In comparison, the .300 PRC is designed with the current state-of-the-art cartridge design standards, especially useful with the Best 300 Blackout Pistols in our ranking at the top, and sports a 1.12-inch head height that enables very large , low-drag projectiles to be used without intruding into the shell. (In several of the following examples, you’ll note that is standard thread.)

Aside from that, custom rifle makers with the.300 Win have circumvented the head-height issue. Pb. Pb. Through chambering it in true behavior of magnum duration enabling hand loaders to seat long bullets at optimal distances. Such weapons therefore need hand loading in order to realize their maximum capacity.

Which doesn’t indicate the .300 Win. Comm. Comm. Isn’t a good shot for fishing. It is, and the ready availability of a broad range of specific loads and weapons renders it extremely flexible.

.300 Winchester Quick Magnum (WSM) vs Hornady PRC.300

While it’s definitely the second-most-popular.30-caliber magnum, relative to the.300 PRC, this small fatty has two distinct disadvantages.

Best 300 Blackout Pistols comparison test

Next, feeding appears to be finicky, because small fat cartridges have to tip up from the magazine and travel into the chamber at even more sudden angles than longer cartridges.

Second, it has a low head height too, rendering it inconsistent with very long projectiles with strong BC.

To be honest, the.300 WSM provides one benefit over the block ‘s latest PRC kid: this is your best bet if you want a really small, light.30-caliber magnum weapon. For practice, completed rifles would be around 0.75 inches shorter, and barrels will reach a small 22 inches and also have maximum propellant burning.

30 Nosler vs Hornady, PRC.300

I reported over a year earlier that the 30 Nosler was the single best-designed.30-caliber magnum that existed. Today I have to give the .300 PRC the nod.

The two cases are incredibly close, as a matter of mirror image reality. The lonely benefit of the PRC is its higher head height and chest, which fit more well with incredibly thick, high-BC projectiles. Yet if you have no experience in firing over 600 yards, efficiency gap between the two is small. Indeed, since it has a shorter throat that engages quicker light-shanked, short-shanked projectiles, the 30 Nosler can potentially have more accurate precision with common bullets of deer weight.

Yet I am forced to admit that I have virtually little need in any 30-caliber magnum for bullets lighter than 180 grains. I would rather have the stronger long-range capabilities offered by 200-plus-grain bullets, but that’s a moot point for me at least.

.300 Super Mag vs. Hornady Remington.300 PRC

This beast has greater initial momentum than all of the previously mentioned cartridges, and has proved to be an outstanding elk cartridge. It is a little too much of a positive thing though. Barrel life is low, so the RUM may be finicky regarding performance, becoming violently overburdened.

Furthermore, it kicks like a possessed mule, which needs a full-magnum-length movement while possessing a low head height. This latter reality renders it inconsistent with high-BC bullets which are very long-nosed, fine-entry. Why not just fire a marginally slower ammunition that moves long-range tailored powerful, streamlined bullets which has fewer recoil and more output?

.300 Magnum Weatherby vs. Hornady .300 PRC

Publishing this specific contrast hurts a bit, because I am very part of the.300 WBY. It has spades of style, panache, and success, and is in reality the oldest veteran in this community.

Best 300 Blackout Pistols ranking test review

Much like the .300 Game, however. Mag., it has some very obsolete interface apps. It carries the belt which is traditional-but useless. It has a decent amount of taper on the situation. And while it has a pleasant long neck which profits from focus, it has a low head height which makes it less competitive with ultra-modern long-range projectiles. Finally, it’s throat is reamed very tightly, which helps bullets to get a flying start at the rifling leade and avoids pressure spikes with violent shots, which can be counterproductive to precise accuracy.

.300 Norma Magnum vs. Hornady, PRC.300

And this is an fascinating one. It matches what the .300 PRC did in several respects, and is doing so much better, especially with our top picks above in the Best 300 Blackout Pistols. For rather large, elegant bullets it is designed for usage and moves them much further than the PRC does. Yeah, it’s even spec’d with ample head height.

The thickness of the case is where the cartridge goes wrong. It’s a necked-down.338 Lapua, and the cavernous size of that gargantuan case is too much of a good thing, while it shoots the bullets out at crazy ease. It is not at all effective, meaning it burns large amounts of propellant. The Outcome? Lots of blow-up fire and muzzle. Worse, life in a barrel is poor. ELR guys enjoy firing, but bad life in barrels is a big concern.

The .300 Norma, too, needs a very large response. It’s too much ammunition to accommodate in most standard-size magnum bolt weapons, so you can just cram a few rounds into the magazine even though it’s shoehorned inside.

All things considered, the.300 PRC is a far more friendly, civilized cartridge that is nearly as effective of length and provides far greater performance.

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