Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in 2020

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People have different views about what type of ammo would work best for a 10/22. There are a number of choices on the marketplace. But you need to find out which weapon fits better.

Here we will discover the favourable features that make one form of ammunition superior to others. You’ll also find out about the best ammunition brands for your Ruger 10/22 available on the market.

What Makes Some Ammo Better Than Others?

There is a great deal of variety on the market between various forms of ammunition available. Centerfire vs. rimfire ammunition and steel vs. brass casings are the main variations.

The Regular Ruger 10/22 uses rimfire ammo from .22 Long Rifle. The main distinction in their usage and expense is between rimfire and centerfire ammunition.

The Rimfire ammo is used to plink and develop skills. It can also be used for tournaments for small game hunting and shooting. Rimfire ammunition is relatively inexpensive, where you can purchase a $20 box of 500 bullets. The 10/22 Ruger is a rimfire weapon which uses the same form of ammunition.

On the other hand, Centerfire ammo is more powerful, and can be used for faraway shooting. While a rimfire has an effective 100 yard range, centerfire rifles do far beyond that. The Centerfire ammunition is pretty expensive. For a mere 50 rounds, you’ll have to shed $20.

Don’t get confused by a steel vs brass casing ammunition comparison. It’s not important to your 10/22 as the basis is reusable. Steel casing can not be reloaded however brass enclosures can be. Your 10/22 nevertheless uses rimfire ammo which is either way non-reloadable.

On the market there are ammunition brands that are also termed dirty ammo. It’s not a word that any company would refer on itself! Dirty ammo is a form of ammunition that leaves a lot of grime in your weapon behind. After every 50 rounds or so you would need to clean your rifle. That is from where the name derives.

Dirty ammunition is very inexpensive and generally people who enjoy plinking don’t mind the fouling. If, after every shooting session, you clean your rifle anyway, it might be something you ‘re willing to tolerate.

Ammo varies by its efficient range (accuracy), fouling, and cycling of each round, which we reviewed in the Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle ranking above. For example, in some cases, 22 short rifle ammo fails to cycle because it is a low-power, subsonic round that does not provide sufficient blowback force to reload.

On the other side, high-velocity ammunition was recorded to harm the action rifles by placing too much pressure on the back of the weapon.

Frankly speaking, for every rifle the type of ammo that works the best is different. Yes, each and every one of them. There’s no consensus on the best, and slight differences between your .22 could make this particular weapon take one kind of ammo better than another.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in 2020

How should I pick the right ammo for my rifle? Often trial and error. You would need to purchase different forms of ammo to test it out. Each about 50 rounds can help you find out which 10/22 fits better for you.

It’s just like the phrase “one man’s garbage is the treasure of another guy.” Some .22 fans think UMC ammunition is bad, and others claim it’s the greatest. For most manufacturers the same continues to hold. Obviously it depends on the weapon and how you’re using it.

22LR Ammo types 

The .22 LR appears in a number separate types. Bullet weight varies around 20 to 60 pounds, and bullet speeds vary from about 575 ft / s to 1750 ft / s. Low pace .22 rounds are generally pure lead with a wax coating and higher speed rounds are copper-plated to minimize degradation on the barrel.

There are four common types of .22 LR ammunition: subsonic, normal speed, super speed, and hyper speed.

Subsonic Rounds ammo  

Subsonic rounds fly faster than 1080 ft / s per second. Unlike faster projectiles, their own sonic shockwave will not surpass subsonic shots, because they drop below the sound speed midflight. And subsonic rounds of our Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle test are more reliable and accurate.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in 2020

Subsonic.22 lighter bullet ammunition provides minimal impact damage and is therefore best suited for target shooting. With heavier bullets, .22 subsonic ammo may be used without unnecessary noise to kill small game.

Standard Velocity ammo

Standard velocity .22 LR bullets as fired from a rifle barrel travels at a pace quite similar to the pace of sound. Pistol barrels can be too small to exhaust all of the powder and achieve full rpm.

Most standard velocity ammunition is using bullets of 40 grains. Standard velocity ammo as implied by the name is a great all-around choice.

High Velocity ammo

With the development of smokeless powder, high-velocity .22 LR ammo evolved. Smokeless powder is more effective than black powder, making a speed improvement of 8 percent, reaching 1300 ft / s for a projectile of 40 grains.

High-velocity ammunition is a decent all-purpose option, with minor increases in efficiency over the normal rates.

Hyper Velocity ammo

The .22 LR ammunition hyper-velocity uses smaller projectiles, around 30 grams, and slower burning powder. This guarantees high pressure is held behind lighter projectile when it travels through the barrel.

Some manufacturers are now applying additional powder, driving the projectile past 1400 ft / s.

Best 10/22 Ammunition Review

Now let’s look at some of the types of munitions that tend to work well with the Ruger 10/22.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle Overall: CCI Mini-Mags 36gr .22LR Ammo

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle Overall: CCI Mini-Mags 36gr .22LR Ammo


  • Very liable
  • Tight grouping for 100 feet+
  • Fast Velocity


  • None

The Mini-Mig CCI is probably the most well-known on the market of .22LR munition. It features a projectile of 36 grains which is best for shooting up to 75 yards. This ammo is for you if you love to plink.

The CCI Mini-Mag is priced at a reasonably low rate compared to its counterparts and offers close grouping at short distances. It has a copper-plated hollow point (CPHP) bullet leaving with 1260 fps at the end of the muzzle.

It’s great for varmint hunting and without any considerable fouling, you can burn hundreds of rounds. The CCI Mini-Mag ammunition is offered in a pack of 100 rounds and is really clean for the 10/22.

2nd Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle:  CCI Stinger 32gr .22LR Ammo

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle:  CCI Stinger 32gr .22LR Ammo


  • Fit for bigger game
  • High impact bullet
  • Fast bullet


  • Bigger blowback

A high-velocity CCI round, the Stinger is renowned for its speed. It is a bullet with 32 grains that leaves the muzzle at 1640 fps.

Ruger suggests you shouldn’t use too much of these hypervelocity rounds with your 10/22, because these kind of bullets are traveling at high velocities.  Which in effect creates a larger blowback impact on your action, contributing to wear and tear on your receiver. They also recommend that some of its models, such as the takedown version, shouldn’t use the Stinger ammo at all.

This ammo features a hollow-point copper-plated bullet with a teardrop cavity for complete disruption. Due to the high velocity which offers deeper penetration, these rounds, which most of the Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in the ranking are, are perfect for hunting, especially for bigger varmints. The CCI Stinger is very affordable, and clean, when burned, making shooting it much safer.

3rd Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Hornady Varmint Express Ammo .22 Magnum (WMR) 30gr V-Max

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Hornady Varmint Express Ammo .22 Magnum (WMR) 30gr V-Max


  • Great for hunting
  • Very fast velocity speed
  • High quality


  • More expensive

Ruger used to make a 10/22 Magnum capable of shooting bullets of the caliber .22 WMR. Assess the marking on the receiver of your pistol and see if it is one. If it says .22 WMR, lucky you, but if it says .22 LR, don’t try loading or fire this ammunition in your weapon. Such rounds, like all Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in our review, have far better efficiency than regular .22 LR.

The 30-grain projectile exits the muzzle at 2200 ft / s, almost twice the speed of a .22 LR normal. V-max bullets by Hornady are engineered to be precise, have smooth trajectories and exhibit destructive expansion and fragmentation. These are high-quality , high-tech projectiles with a polymer tip and a jacketed lead core. They are built to provide the best possible aerodynamics especially for varmints, with lethal terminal ballistics.

The excellent architecture and strong strength in a small size render these the perfect round for survival. The effective range of such projectiles is also increasing at about 125 yards , making it greater than the .22 LR.


If you have or are able to find a Ruger 10/22 Magnum rifle, the .22 WMR will provide you with a substantial increase in performance over a  standard .22 LR. Many shooters who tried it out, are never going back, due to its better performance . With their extremely well designed and well-constructed bullets, these Hornady V-max rounds take it a step further. Precise, smooth course, and show-stop extension can attract you coming back for more.

These rounds prove that these are not made for kids. With using  Hornady ammunition, which is made in the USA including a warranty against fabrication defects, you can rest easy. Beating Hornady in performance for factory-loaded munition is pretty hard.

4th Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Winchester 555 36gr .22LR Ammo

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Winchester 555 36gr .22LR Ammo


  • Good for shooting targets
  • Copper plated
  • No fouling


  • None

When it comes to guns Winchester doesn’t require an introduction. These .22LR 36-grain rounds are a unique choice of ammo for multiple uses such as plinking, hunting and shooting targets. The round is a copper-plated hollow round (CPHP) bullet which, due to copper placement, claims to prevent fouling.  The projectile has a 1280 foot per second muzzle velocity, putting it in the normal range for shots of caliber .22 .

This ammo comes in the amount of 333 and 555 cases. Its price won’t do your wallet much harm.

5th Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Aguila 22 LR Super Extra Standard Velocity

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Aguila 22 LR Super Extra Standard Velocity


  • Reliable rounds for any use
  • Expansion of the round on impact
  • Double velocity of .22 LR ammo


  • Not working with a standard 10/22

Aguila is known for delivering excellent quality at a good price. It is also known for cutting edge innovations such as the mini shell shotgun and the Subsonic .22 Sniper. Aguil ‘s Super Extra standard velocity rounds bring exceptional reliability, as do many of our Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in the ranking above, to America’s most popular round, rather than innovation.

While performing admirably for small game hunting, these Super Extras are ideal for affordable plinking or target practice. The accuracy doesn’t disappoint and as the name suggests, the stats are standard. Aguila claims these 40-grain bullets on the high side of the range have a muzzle velocity of 1130 feet per second.

They come in 50 rounds, or 5000 rounds. This ammunition is well regarded for its accuracy and durability. It’s produced at a state-of-the-art facility in Mexico. Aguila uses only materials of high quality, and implements a rigorous quality control regime.

There are few countries that take guns and ammo as seriously as the United States, but Mexico is right up there. I doubt, if any of the competitors of Aguila can offer the same value for money as they can.


Such Aguila Super Extra Standard Velocity .22 rounds are really hard to overcome, whether it’s plinking, target shooting or chasing small game. The primary selling point is the quality and reliability.

The Aguilas are precise and consistent, and may leave you surprised at what your firearm can do. While not made in the USA, these are potentially the strongest products after Salma Hayek that have been made in Mexico.

6th Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Aguila 22 LR Super Extra High-Velocity

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Aguila 22 LR Super Extra High-Velocity

These Aguilas are at the same level of the mentioned in our other Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle, that we can recommend. The caliber of .22 LR is much more capable than many people give it credit for, with recorded killings on everything up to a grizzly bear of world record size. In general, standard .22 LR ammo will serve you perfectly, especially for plinking, target shooting, and the small game.

However, it is nice sometimes to have a little extra power at your fingertips. Aguila provides a muzzle speed of 1255 ft / s for these 40-grain bullets. They should remain supersonic, depending on local conditions, until they are just shy of reaching 100 yards, which is more or less their maximum effective range.

These rounds, as with all Aguila products & all Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle of this ranking, are made of high-quality materials and undergo rigorous quality control. The copper-plated solid-point bullets are designed to improve performance and reduce barrel fouling. Specifically, these rounds are designed to cycle well in semi-auto weapons like the 10/22.

Aguila munition is proudly produced just south of Mexico’s border. This helps to keep the munitions affordable without compromising quality. These rounds will have you say ‘very precise’ in no time , thanks to their consistent quality and precision.


Consistent build quality from Aguila results in a reliable, precise round. With a few hundred feet more per second muzzle velocity over standard ammunition, this ammo is a perfect choice if you want to make sure that the prairie dog stays dead but don’t want to break the bank.

Aguila is for a reason a giant in the global munitions business. Many consumers are astounded by the tightness of their groups with this ammunition.

7th Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Federal Gold Metal Ultra Match 40gr .22LR Ammo

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Federal Gold Metal Ultra Match 40gr .22LR Ammo

This ammo is a good addition to Federal Ammunition’s Gold Medal product offering. These  rimfire cartridges of 40 grains contain lead bullets.

These rounds are ideally suited for target practice and competitions. In fact, Federal Ammunition’s Gold Medal line is renowned for target shooting and competition shooting.

Such bullets are subsonic at 40 grams, and are extremely precise. They provide tight groupings, particularly beyond 100 yards. This is the best type of ammo for your 10/22 if you’re into competitive shooting or target practice. The 50 round box was priced a bit higher than other brands, but it’s justified by the desired use of the ammo.

8th Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Sellier and Bellot High Velocity 38gr .22LR Ammo

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle: Sellier and Bellot High Velocity 38gr .22LR Ammo

Hollow-point lead bullets have been used for over a century now. These are among the most beloved and widely used 10/22 rounds. The Sellier & Belliot High Velocity Munition features a 38 grain hollow point lead bullet. The round has a pace of 1230 fps to the muzzle.

Such bullets are good for plinking and hunting. The ammo comes wrapped in a 50 round case. Compared to its counterparts the price is pretty fair.

The only drawback associated with using this LHP ammo is fouling. Lead rounds are known to cause significant amounts of rifle fouling. Besides that, in some places hollow point and lead bullets are also prohibited. And make sure you test local laws if you choose to use certain rounds to hunt.

Is it good to stick to one Ammo type?

Maybe, or not. Sadly, this question, too, has no clear answer. As described above, every firearm tends to have its own “preference” over ammunition type.   Depending of the usage you bring the gun in.

The best way to check is to buy various types of ammunition and burn through 50 rounds of each. Then you should measure the accuracy, recoil and fouling in order to decide which one is best. Then your own interests come into play. You may not find fouling a big consideration, for example, since you are going to be cleaning the weapon anyway.

The primary element that you’d be measuring for your rifle is the ammunition grain. Grain refers to projectile weight. It measures the mass of bullets in grains. One pound represents seven thousand grains. Bullets can range from 15 grains like the 17HMR to 750 grains with the 50 Cal BMG.

Slower (generally subsonic) ammo has heavier grain. Lower-grain bullets, which are lighter,have a higher velocity for the same caliber.

The CGI Mini-Mag 36 grain, for instance, fits well to shoot up to 75 yards and the Winchester wildcat 40 grain is perfect for shooting over 100 yards.

The grain of the ammo won’t matter if you want to use your rifle for plinking. If you are planning to use your 10/22 for competitions or hunting, though, you need to consider checking different ammo grains. That’s how along with speed, momentum, penetration and a lot of other stuff, the weight of the projectile would play a factor.


No ammunition brand is a perfect fit for every 10/22 Ruger rifle. You should buy some rounds of each type of ammo to check out what works best for your rifle, and test them on the range.

This is the best way to find out which ammunition your rifle is most fond of. The efficiency of every type of ammunition differs depending on the circumstances and the usage required. So check what works best for you.

Things to know about the Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is a semi-automatic rifle which means you’ll fire one shot per trigger pull. A special rotary-style box magazine feeds on the pistol. And the magazine varies from rounds 10 to 25. This rotary magazine with stable feed system makes for high efficiency. But the Ruger 10/22’s rimmed style doesn’t apply itself well to magazines.

Single stack magazines were also the only magazines that ran consistently in rifles and handguns for some time. But, the Ruger 10/22 rotary magazine has proven accurate, simple to fill, and can stay indefinitely loaded. The Ruger 10/22 is conventional in its style. It also provides a number of various barrel lengths.

The tool appears to be incredibly lightweight overall, and has a limited pull range. On the right side of the arm is the charging handle. And the rifle makes use of a unique release of magazines. The rifle’s ergonomics are often simple to understand and use.

They adapt themselves well to all sizes of shooters including young shooters. The 10/22 Ruger comes with easy open sights. Last but not least, they also designed the 10/22 to make attaching an optic easy too.

Why the Ruger 10/22 is good for beginners

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the better weapons out there for beginners. The Ruger 10/22 rifle is widely available since they mass-produce it, too. It’s also an inexpensive weapon, with recent versions priced at about $200. So for instance, the Ruger 10/22 layout is awesome for beginners. The mainstream success allows items such as magazines, scopes, and slings to be simple and inexpensive to buy.

The Ruger 10/22 sports a 22 cartridge with a rimfire. The 22 LR shot is inexpensive with the potential to purchase a 500 shot brick for under $30 on average. That helps a novice to buy considerable ammo, like our Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle at the top of the page, without breaking the bank.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle

However, when it comes to rebound the 22 LR ammo is usually anemic. They had primarily planned the 22 LR for target shooting and hunting game like squirrels and rabbits. The round’s recoil is low, so it can be used by the smallest of shooters without flinching or fearing retreat. The Ruger 10/22 is easy to manage, since the muzzle increase is totally zero.

And you can even remain on target as you shoot 25 round mag as fast as possible. And also beginners aim right from the beginning. The semi-automatic action of the Ruger allows just dumping lead safely into a target. Just dumping lead is not good for anything but making noise, but it is certainly fun.

When beginners catch on to the enjoyable weapons experience, they’ll want to aim more. And further practice lets them improve their shooting skills dependent on performance.

The Ruger 10/22 is lightweight which facilitates the precise and comfortable control of the weapon for shooters of smaller stature. The 10/22 rifle is the perfect size for big as well as small shooters. Ruger, like the Ruger SR 22, produces some decent beginner firearms too.

Price range of an Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most affordable rimfire rifles, as well as one of simultaneously the most expensive rimfire rifles. The quality is very unpredictable, because of the disparity in variations. A completely suppressed model with a match quality frame, for example, and is also a takedown weapon will cost up to $ 1,000. But it can cost around $250 a base model.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle

The takedown version, which splits into two easy-to-carry bits, is priced about $250. The most expensive Ruger 10/22s of all can be custom-built sports models for precision shoot. However, the Ruger 10/22 base model will do around 98 per cent of what every gunman would ever need to do with a 22. And it’s fairly affordable and easy to find the base model, carbine and some takedown models.

Reliability of the Ruger 10/22

It was a time when the revolver and manual action rifle ruled the day, when they originally designed rimfire rounds. So, they weren’t making them as fast-firing, semi-automatic weapons. That also results in inaccurate semi-automatic 22s without any ammo, unlike with our Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle in the ranking. This issue was particularly true when they introduced the Ruger 10/22 in 1964.

By then, though, 22 LR rifles have been clearly much, much stronger. The reason they had to get better is because the Ruger 10/22 found a way to get it to work. Ruger implemented one of the first semi-automatic rimfire rifles to be reliable, so everyone else had to fight to compete. The Ruger has stayed the go-to weapon through the period of mass manufacturing when the major gun firms were sliding in price.

The 10/22 can handle any standard ammunition, as our Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle, and is exceptional in magazine accuracy, ejection, extraction, and feeding. The Ruger gun, including the CCI mini mags and Federal automatch bullets, can even withstand more strength than normal shots. Even subsonic ammunition and cycle can be digested without problem by the Ruger.

The only ammo that doesn’t reliably function with the Ruger is the oddball 22 LR rounds that don’t hold any powder, unlike the Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle at the top of this article. Those kinds of rounds, however, are boutique and not useful. One key to the reliability of the 10/22 is the rotary magazine system. The rotary magazine is voluminous but it does fit well. It’s one of only a few systems that can hold more than 10 rounds and function reliably.

Accuracy of Ruger 10/22

The accuracy of the Ruger 10/22 differs greatly amongst the different 10/22 types. The match-grade Bull Barrel is more reliable than the standard Barrel. But this is critical only for people measuring shot groups in one hundredth of an inch. For most new shooters the standard barrel profile is precise enough. It is valid especially for new shooters.

Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle

The rifle features a crisp, easy, but lightweight, and fast trigger. This 10/22 trigger lends itself well to precision. The shorter a pull trigger is, the less possibility you would have of firing a projectile. The trigger ‘s light nature makes shooting repeatedly comfortable for long periods of time, while maintaining accuracy.

Simple sights are effective at shooting small targets less than 50 yards away. Dropping out soda cans in the prone role at 50 yards is simple enough. It is easy to keep a tin dancing in a standing posture out to 25 yards because you easily shoot at it.

Throwing an optic on your rifle will give you up to a hundred yards on an effective weapon. The Ruger 10/22 is well equipped for casual tournaments, but it is a serious precision weapon you can customize to.

Aftermarket accessories of the Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 has a huge market for accessories & the Best 22LR Ammo for 10/22 Rifle. You can fundamentally change your rifle with all the accessories the market offers. In fact, you can customize the Ruger 10/22 so extensively, just the original receiver is all you may have left. You can swap inventories, barrels, scopes and more.

Some owners have turned their rifles into the exact models they were looking for. Also the basic stock model Ruger rifle can be taken and converted into a bullpup model by merely switching stocks.

Verdict of the Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is regarded by many to be the Best rimfire rifle. It’s an indication families are passing from one generation to the next. The Ruger 10/22 will work well for inexperienced shooters searching for their first weapon.

The Ruger 10/22 should fit them well as a rimfire weapon, even after a inexperienced shooter gets experienced. Finally, be sure to follow the basic rules of gun safety closely so you will enjoy your rifle carefully.

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