Best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades in 2020

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Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster: fits Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT745 G2c G3c
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MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader, compatible with 9 mm - Taurus PT111 G2 G2C G3 G3C
HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo (Air Craft Grade Aluminum USB Rechargeable Built-in Battery) for Subcompact and Compact Pistols Handguns
TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Taurus Millenium G2, 709 Slim, 740 Slim, Black, One Size
Product for G2C Upgrade
MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader
TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent November 2020
Test Result 9.7/10 Excellent November 2020
Test Result 9.5/10 Very Good November 2020
Test Result 9.4/10 Very Good November 2020
Value for Money
Taurus G2C improvement
Recommended by us
Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster: fits Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT745 G2c G3c
Product for G2C Upgrade
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.9/10 Excellent November 2020
Value for Money
Taurus G2C improvement
Recommended by us
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Best Value
MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader, compatible with 9 mm - Taurus PT111 G2 G2C G3 G3C
Product for G2C Upgrade
MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.7/10 Excellent November 2020
Value for Money
Taurus G2C improvement
Recommended by us
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HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo (Air Craft Grade Aluminum USB Rechargeable Built-in Battery) for Subcompact and Compact Pistols Handguns
Product for G2C Upgrade
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.5/10 Very Good November 2020
Value for Money
Taurus G2C improvement
Recommended by us
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TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Taurus Millenium G2, 709 Slim, 740 Slim, Black, One Size
Product for G2C Upgrade
TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights
Our Test Result
Test Result 9.4/10 Very Good November 2020
Value for Money
Taurus G2C improvement
Recommended by us
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The Best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades in 2020

Have you been looking for the right accessories and improvements for your Taurus G2C? If so, you ‘re lucky.

That is because we have compiled a list of the eight best accessories and enhancements to match just about all the Taurus G2C handguns.

There will be a time when your upgrades won’t be as useful as you think.

The only solution is to find an accessory or two that will give you a nice upgrade.

As a result, your gun is much safer.

So it depends on what you want to update, ie. a magazine or a scope/sight gadget.

Until we go to the list, we will discuss the types of Taurus G2C upgrades and how you can pick the best for your personal usecase.

Types of Upgrades & Accessories to the Taurus G2C

There are a few kinds of upgrades which are essential for your Taurus G2C weapon.

And  each has their own benefit that you can really feel to make a difference as part of the upgrade phase itself when you find the right kind of accessory.

Here are some of the best criteria you might consider:

Sight Gadgets for the Taurus G2C

Precision is essential.

Especially if you are looking for a pistol like the Taurus G2C, it is crucial to find a sight that offers a high degree of consistent accuracy in case you need to fire a shot & if you want a pistol to be very reliable and pinpoint accurate.

Some sight gadgets give the front or rear sights.

These are bright enough for you to see under almost any kind of light (low light and daylight).

These are more powerful than the iron factory sights for your pistol.

Upgrades for your G2C Magazine

Best Taurus G2C Accessoires & Upgrades

A regular magazine should contain between 9 and 13 rounds generally.

However, you may want to consider upgrading to an expanded magazine if you want to shoot even more rounds.

An expanded magazine will almost double the normal capacity (i.e. – 21 rounds).

It is definitely useful in circumstances such as target practice or competitive shooting.

Upgrades for the G2C Trigger

A special trigger is a must-have gun accessory. How do you shoot a weapon without it?

A big trigger has a pull weight that is light enough to get a shot off quickly.

It’s just something which feels crisp and won’t cause you any despair due to grit or creep.

Laser gadgets

A laser vision/sight might be a good alternative to your standard sight addons.

If tritium or other sights upgraded are not enough, a laser will certainly help you in the long term.

Especially if you want to take out targets slightly outside your normal range.

It can also be a valuable sight in cases of self-defense.

Particularly if the most precise aiming is a high priority.

Best Taurus G2C Accessoires & Upgrades

A Taurus G2C Holster

Lastly, you want anything to safely carry your weapon.

The answer is always a great holster.

Actually, it is very appropriate in some countries, where concealed carriage is legal.

A holster secures the gun and makes sure it doesn’t wiggle about and fall out.

Most holsters will give you a lot of privacy without anyone seeing you carrying.

How to pick the best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades for your usecase

It is important to know what you need to find for your Taurus G2C gun if you are looking for a single or multiple upgrade.

You need to know what kind of functionality these improvements include and what advantages you will reap from them.

Just one or two features are important for you and a purchase decision can suffice.

Here’s how to pick the best upgrade for your own Taurus G2C gun:

Exactly what do you need in the best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades?

Isn’t your pistol as strong as it was before?

Does your belt not do a decent job of covering your Taurus G2C?

You may only need one or more change depending on the problems you are currently faced with.

If you want something that will increase your accuracy, you will probably have to find a good sight.

If you want something that is discreet and concealed , you might be searching for a decent holster inside the waistband (IWB).

Best Taurus G2C Accessoires & Upgrades

How much to spend for the best Taurus G2C upgrades and accessories?

When you have a budget, you know that the quality of your upgrade is definitely limited by the amount you can comfortably spend.

Yet it shouldn’t be th final factor because you have decided to upgrade your gun.

Choose the best price you can afford in upgrades.

Finding anything that’s cheap would be a drop in usability, which will make your gun even worse.

The best materials

It is important to find something made from the best materials, depending on what you intend on upgrading.

For example, if you are looking for a magazine, look for a magazine made of steel and polymer.

These two products are best known for their efficiency and endurance.  

A holster can also be made from lightweight materials that are not only wear-free, but also perfect where you won’t disturb you at all.

Our Best Taurus G2C Components & Upgrades 

The following is a list of the 7 best Taurus G2C accessories and upgrades.

When you go through the list, the characteristics of each are important to focus on.

And if it’s nice enough to see it as a potential improvement, you might have a winner on your hands.

Now, let ‘s look at our first pistol accessory, starting with our “best overall” choice:



  • Excellent Fit for the Taurus G2C
  • Very well suited for Concealed Carry
  • Very high quality materials
  • No wiggle room, pistol sits very tight


  • Slightly bulky
  • Needs some time to get used to

What do users say?

This holster is quickly becoming a favorite among recent buyers.

Most of them were pleased at how it remains in place no matter how many times the holster is tugged or pushed.

The gun remains fixed and doesn’t wiggle around a bit.

The Holster gave peace of mind to those customers realizing their gun would not unexpectedly fall out or let the gun get triggered.

What is so good about this Holster?

It is definitely one of the better holsters you’ll find if you want one that’s as similar as possible to a law enforcement types.

The silicone made for this holster is durable and can take on high-stress conditions of all kinds.

It’s a holster that is not going to cause you any trouble, particularly when you need your gun the most.

Who needs this Holster for the Taurus G2C?


If you are a law enforcement official or a civilian conducting concealed carry, it’s an improvement that certainly would help the Taurus G2C pistol stand out best.

Expect this to become common in the not-so-distant future in the concealed carry community.

What is the improvement?

An upgrade worthy of consideration is a minor resizing of the holster itself.

It’s to make sure the gun doesn’t wiggle around as much as some people say.

At the same time, it also tackles the possible bulking problem.

Final Verdict

The C&G HOLSTERS RIGHT HAND S&W M&P 2.0 OUTSIDE THE WAISTBAND HOLSTER could be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking for a Taurus G2C holster that’s considered the best of the best.

It is the holste that other concealed carry users wear because they find the functionality and functions compelling enough and we can one hundred percent recommend it.



  • Good, even for beginners
  • High quality materials
  • Very well suited for gun users with small hands
  • Super fast reloading


  • Only some problems with smaller rounds

What do users say about the second best Taurus G2C Upgrade & Accessory?

A number of recent customers were also eager to use this G2C upgrade with no issues.

Another customer claimed this was much easier than having to manually fill magazines.

He said, to note, that he has additional magazines which he holds as spares.

This speed loader to them is a godsend for older shooters or for those with limited hand dexterity.

What is so good about this Speedloader?

This speed-loader may be the saving grace of so many who have difficulty filling magazines.

It is fast and user friendly. That is why our scoring process is designed for better updates and accessories.

The Speedloader cuts away both the time and physical anoyances that might arise as long as magazines have to be laoded.

Who needs this Speedloader for the Taurus G2C?

It is often seen for someone who likes the thought of manually loading magazines. 

When you’ve got spare magazines to refill, that’s probably something you’ll want to keep ready for when yowant to load them up.

Nobody likes several magazines that they have to load one by one by hand.

What is the improvement?

While some of the smaller rounds can be difficult to line up, they emphasize the need for a speed loader which would certainly fit for smaller handguns including 9mms.

Furthermore, it allows filling the magazine even faster and there is no concern of not being able to fit the rounds correctly.

Final Verdict

When you are searching for a speed loader that can save you a lot of time and stress, then you will want the speed loader Makershot on you everywhere you go.

You get quick reloading in one awesome unit, and smoother function.

Say goodbye to loading your magazines manually, because a speed loader has taken over the job of loading them up.



  • Easy to aim for a target
  • Super bright flashlight
  • Very easy and quick to use
  • Very precise laser


  • Stock battery is not the best

What do users say about the third best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade?

A ton of recent customers were happy to get a good little flashlight combination and a green laser scope in one gadget for the G2C.

The flashlight is powerful and lets the shooter navigate around throughout the night.

The gadget has been a favorite of customers who use their weapons to protect themselves.

What is so good about this Sight?

The sight gadget is a laser that can really be used at broad daylight.

While in a situation of self-defense it is a little more efficient at night, you will certainly use it in a situation of target shooting during the day.

When you’re searching for something that’s brilliant no matter what the light conditions are, maybe the green laser you ‘re aiming for could be the one.

Who needs this Sight & Laser for the Taurus G2C?

It can also be included in a morning or night time setting. In other terms, owners of the Taurus G2C who are either target shooters or others who wish to use the weapon for self-defence.

The laser sight would be more powerful too. The flashlight is a great tool for navigating over barriers in the dark when you need to.

What is the improvement?

The battery is one of the items that could be worth improving on.

There are all sorts of batteries out there that are much more efficient than those that come with flashlights and the sight delivered.

Here is where you can select your own battery and use them instead of some of the shipped batteries that come with the product because they won’t serve you that long.

Final Verdict

When you’re searching for a package of gadget to bring you the maximum results out of your Taurus G2C, then this HiLight Pistol Flashlight and Green Laser Sight is certainly one of your better options.

Especially when you’re searching for something that isn’t going to smash the bank account.

4th Best Upgrade for Taurus G2C: TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights


  • Very good fit for the Taurus G2C
  • Easy to aim precisely on target
  • Very simple to install and activate
  • Strong laser is visible even in bright conditions


  • Battery is weak during winter months

What do users say about the 4th best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade?

Recent buyers were able to marvel at the clarity and precision of the TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights.

In daylight hours, the green laser was more clear especially for target shooters.

According to one person the red laser beam often serves its role in either a target shooting or self-defense situation.

Nevertheless it certainly provides such a boost to the G2C accuracy.

What is so good about this Sight?

This is a sight that can be placed under your pistol’s muzzle.

That alone will make many shooters a whole lot more effective.

Especially those with their usual iron sights that may be having a rough time.

The laser has the ability to reach out to a decent distance and hit something where you can see the laser dot clearly.

Who needs this Sight & Laser for the Taurus G2C?

Many that are target hunters will need this.

The green-colored laser particularly because it is far more noticeable in daytime conditions.

Yet we shouldn’t write off the TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights as worthless.

It’ll certainly operate in an outdoor environment to some degree.

And when you are in a circumstance of home protection, it will certainly be worth it.

What is the improvement?

The one aspect that should be changed is to make it even more shock resistant.

Often the target may be a little dubious after hundreds of rounds have passed.

Perhaps a strong start will be to make the housing a lot more durable.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a fine, accurate laser vision, the Truglo may just be right up your alley.

Regardless to the task you are using your Taurus G2C for, you would require a laser to make your shooting more precise and reliable.

That may be the laser that will get the job done if you pick it as yours.

5th Best Upgrade for G2C: Alien Gear Holsters Modular Holster Starter Kit System


  • Amazing Kit for beginners
  • Super customizable, find your best configuartion
  • Very high quality materials, super durable
  • Great fit for the Taurus G2C


  • Users might get used to the new holster

What Recent Buyers Report about the 5th best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade

Many recent buyers were pleased to have a great collection of holsters in one pack.

OWB and IWB holsters have their options.

They were more likely for users to use IWB holsters for improved concealment.

Those who desired greater protection opted for the OWB holsters.

They either way claimed their guns remained in place and didn’t have a lot of wiggle room to deal.

What is so good about this Holster Kit?

When it comes to holsters you have the total package. You will literally pick which one will be better for you.

When you’re bored of one of them, you can use another holster and see if it’s right for you.

These are holsters designed to match all kinds of weapons.

For all your concealed carry needs a whole kit is more than enough.

Who needs this Holster Kit for the Taurus G2C?

Those who want to increase their concealability probably will use this holster kit.

Especially those who wish to carry their handguns for everyday usage.

Regardless to if they’re using an OWB or IWB, they’ll use this brace to insure their gun remains with them all the time which helps them to draw quickly when a scenario requires.

What is the improvement?

To make sure that the edges of each holster are smoothed down rather than pointed, is something that may be called an upgrade.

Sharp edges bring damage to the skin if it has long enough to press into you.

Smoothing them would certainly be a smart option, rather than removing an additional shirt from your belt to avoid skin discomfort.

Final Verdict

If you’re searching for a great holster that suits your Taurus G2C pistol like a glove, then the Alien Gear Holster Package could be available to order.

You can’t go wrong with having a lot of holsters, especially if you’re looking for one that will meet all your concealed transport needs.

6th Best G2C Accessoire: ProMag Taurus 15-Round Magazine


  • Very reliable in shooting scenario
  • Compatible with many speedloaders
  • Easy grip for maximum safety
  • Great for target practice with 15 rounds per magazine


  • Long magazine is not as aesthetic

What Recent Buyers Report about the 6th best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade

This extended magazine has served well with several recent purchasers.

Particularly those who are both casual target shooters and competitive ones.

The feeding is effective and will not malfunction, even after having shot hundreds of bullets.

In addition to the results, the structure is sturdy and durable.

What is so good about this Magazine?

We had to be sure that while we were shopping for an expanded issue, it was one that could be consistent with most speedloaders.

Sure enough, this journal extended through ProMag does.

This should allow reloading simple without needing to focus on doing it using your own hands manually.

It’s at a decent range, where loading would take just a few seconds.

Who needs this Magazine for the Taurus G2C?

The target shooters and professional shooters would definitely need this.

Especially when they decide to load up to full with their magazines.

Self-defense shooters may even use it if they have no other magazine option.

What is the improvement?

An change of scale is one aspect which might merit an increase.

That way, it will prevent any kind of wiggling from happening well in the mag itself.

A safe magazine should certainly fend off the issues of reliability.

Final Verdict

Look no further than the product ProMag Taurus PT-111, if you are searching for an expanded weapon that will send you more rounds than normal.

If you’re searching for a quality magazine with only enough shots to bring you to a day of shooting range or tough action, this is great.

Seventh Best Upgrade for the Taurus G2C: Straight SAO Trigger


  • Great, durable material
  • Cheap price
  • Very light weight
  • Super easy to install, even for beginners


  • None really

What do users say about the 7th best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade?

For a few good reasons several recent buyers liked this trigger as an upgrade.

As  it permits fast shots and much faster follow-up shots.

Second, due to the skeletonized construction, it’s a lightweight trigger that doesn’t bring much additional weight to the gun.

In short, it was considered relatively easy to use by a number of customers.

What is so good about this Trigger?

This trigger has a style certainly conducive to strong ergonomics.

You just don’t want to contend with the exhaustion in the fingertips while you’re on the shooting range for a long time.

And if you’re searching for anything that would be perfect for just about every shooting activity, this trigger falls in this category.

Who needs this Trigger for the Taurus G2C?

All kinds of Taurus G2C users would potentially need this.

But target shooters who will spend the whole day at the range would benefit especially.

Moreover, it’s even for those who want a trigger to last them years or even decades.

What is the improvement?

Although there are no apparent drawbacks, one aspect to note is that because this is a lightweight trigger it might not be approved for anyone keeping their handguns in the appendix carry.

This could be a smart idea to locate a nice holster and ensure sure your gun is safe to reduce the possibility of hurting yourself as a result of an unintended fire.

Final Verdict

The Straight SAO Short Stroke Trigger should be seen as a potential option if you are searching for a trigger which would be a level above the factory or stock trigger.

The trigger pull is certainly even stronger than other market triggers.

Plus, it will certainly boost the pistol’s shooting capabilities considerably.

8th Best Upgrade for Taurus G2C: TRUGLO – Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets


  • Very easy to install on the G2C
  • Very good visibility
  • Solid materials that won’t rust
  • Very accurate shooting result


  • None really

What do users say about the 8th best Taurus G2C Accessory & Upgrade?

Many of the recent buyers were overall satisfied with the sight.

With targets situated from 30 to 55 yards, they were able to shoot with excellent precision.

Not only is this sight perfect for daytime use, it still certainly earns its money in self-defense conditions (which would actually happen at night).

What is so good about this Sight Set?

Tritium is one of the most famous gadgets that lets itself really stand out.

The sight set so bright that anyone with poor eyesight can still consistently land a bullseye with it.

It does a good job even with good eyesight, helping you align your target and almost guarantees where your shot will end up.

Who needs this Sight Set for the Taurus G2C?

The Set will be used by those who carry their daily Taurus G2C pistols.

And the implementations are wide-ranging.

But when your target shooting or fending off attackers or harassers in a situation of self-defence can really get the job done.

What is the improvement?

One of the things that could warrant improvement could be making some adjustments where there are no sharp edges that can cause dings or cuts.

Especially when you have your gun in your holster packed away.

The last thing you want to fight with is a gun that is snagging at you when you try to draw it.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an excellent sight that will work in most applications to your advantage, you’ll definitely want a sight like the TRUGLO.

Not only is it the most clear, it certainly would also improve the accuracy by a ton.

Advantages of Taurus G2C Upgrades & Accessories

Most G2C Taurus products come with their fair share of advantages.

Although the drawbacks do also come with them.

When deciding to customize any of the attachments that will make your Taurus G2C pistol stand out even more, it ‘s crucial to know what to expect.

The following is a list of the advantages and drawbacks that come with updating of such accessories:


Good concealing 

Whether you’re trying to change a Taurus G2C holster it would depend on which one you ‘re choosing to pick.

By purchasing an IWB holster you will have a greater chance of doing this.

Some OWB holsters are going to have a decent deal of concealability, but some others are bound to swell up and attract any unnecessary exposure.

When you are hunting for a belt of your own, pick carefully.

Best Taurus G2C holster

Best Accuracy

Clearly, if you choose to switch to a better sight, you’ll be trying to bring the highest potential quality out of it.

You have sights that are either tritium, light, or also fiber optic sights.

Everything you want is based on a few considerations.

For example, if you’re an older shooter with poor eyesight, you’ll be better off using a tritium or fiber optic sight that has bright yellow or green colours.

Fast Fire

If you switch to a new trigger, you ‘re trying to get shots fired even more easily than usual.

In this scenario, faster firing (and easier follow-up shots) would also be equivalent to a lighter pull weight.

These triggers won’t make any leak or hardness that could harm your ability to fire.


Not every holster will be suited for concealed carry

As stated earlier, when it comes to concealed carry, there are certain holsters which do not meet that criteria.

Some holster designs might seem a bit voluminous to the point where it might seem obvious to those around you that you’re actually carrying a gun.

This could lead to some unnecessary and extremely uncomfortable attention.

Best Taurus G2C sight

Some sights may not be visible as good 

Although the majority of sights are noticeable based on the requirement, in some lighting conditions others may not be apparent.

Case by scenario: Laser sights. In the most part, a red laser would be noticeable and will penetrate much farther in indoor and outdoor environments (if the light conditions are right).

A red laser will not be visible when it reaches farther outdoor distances.

Final Verdict

It’s never been easier to find the best accessories and upgrades for your Taurus G2C.

Especially if you know what to look for to make its performance more efficient.

Before taking a call about whether you want to modify, take an estimate of how well your weapon is performing.

Then you can find the best accessory you need, and enjoy the benefits that go with a very decent upgrade.

About the New Taurus G2C

Three years after the introduction of the Millennium range of semi-automatic pistols, here comes the second generation (alluding to the acronym “G2”) of compact handguns.

It was manufactured by the Brazilian company Taurus, which is now firmly established in the US market.

It is here that some of the new models are actually developed.

The 9 mm Millennium G2 combines in one small gun many of the functions of the full-size models, including the hammerless system and the indispensable accessory rail on the front of the lower case.

As a compact model, the gun is available as a G2c.

Taurus Millennium G2: Features of the pistol

The Taurus Millennium G2 is a semi-automatic pistol with geometric breech system in caliber 9 Luger.

The gun was specially designed for concealed carrying.

Therefore, during the development phase, all sharp edges that could impair concealed carrying or drawing were removed.

The sights also have a flat profile, but the rear sight is adjustable.

Best Taurus G2C

The controls have also been redesigned to ensure good handling and at the same time not to protrude over the weapon.

The frame is made of plastic, the breech is made of steel with two deep bevel cuts that keep the weight of the gun below 640 g with an empty magazine.

The latter has a capacity of 12 + 1 cartridges.

The trigger is a cockless noncocking double trigger.

The safety standard of the Millennium G2 is extremely high: the weapon has a manual safety with a lever operation on the case, an automatic safety on the firing pin, a second manual safety on the trigger and – as if that were not enough – the weapon has the Taurus Security System (TSS) with a small lock on the right side of the rail.

The trigger can be fully locked by inserting a small key supplied with the weapon.

An optical charge level indicator contributes to an even higher safety standard.

The barrel of the Taurus Millennium G2 is 81 mm long, with a total length of 160 mm, and 30 mm wide.

The optics of the weapon are completely black.

On the front of the case there is a picatinny rail for attaching accessories.

The Taurus Millennium G2 is also available in .40 Smith & Wesson caliber with the same features and dimensions:

Only the magazine capacity has been reduced to 10 + 1 cartridges. The Millennium G2 is extremely affordable. This is at least true for the USA, where the price is 319,- USD.

How to keep your Taurus G2C safe in operation: 6 Tips

Always keep the G2C pointed in a safe direction

This is the most basic safety rule. If everyone was so careful with a firearm that the muzzle never pointed at anything they didn’t want to shoot at, there would be virtually no firearm accidents.

It’s that simple, and it’s up to you.

Never point your gun at something you don’t want to shoot at.

This is especially important when loading or unloading a gun.

In the event of accidental discharge, no injury can occur as long as the muzzle points in a safe direction.

Firearms should be unloaded when not in use

Best Taurus G2C sight upgrade

Firearms should only be loaded if you are in the field or at the target distance or shooting range and are ready to fire.

When not in use, firearms and ammunition should be stored in a safe, separate place.

It is your responsibility to prevent children and unauthorized adults from gaining access to firearms or ammunition.


Treat each weapon as if it can fire at any time. The “safety” of a weapon is a mechanical device which, like any other device, can be put out of action at the worst possible moment.

Also, the safety may be falsely “off” if you think it is “on”. The safety is intended to supplement the proper use of the gun, but may not be a substitute for common sense.

You should never handle a gun carelessly and assume that the gun will not fire just because the safety is “on”.


No one can call off a shot.

Once a gun has been fired, you give up control of where the shot is fired or what it will hit.

Do not fire unless you know exactly what your shot will hit.

Make sure that your bullet does not hurt anyone or anything beyond your target.

If you shoot at a movement or sound without being absolutely sure what you are shooting at, the safety of others will be ignored.

No target is so important that you cannot take the time before you pull the trigger to be absolutely sure where your shot stops.

The best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades can helpt o keep the gun safe.


You must take serious responsibility for using only the correct ammunition for your weapon.

Read and observe all warnings, including those given in the gun’s manual and on the ammunition boxes.

Using improper or incorrect ammunition can destroy a firearm and cause serious injury.

Only one cartridge of an incorrect caliber or gauge is required to destroy your gun, and only one second to check each cartridge as it loads.


Occasionally a cartridge may not fire when the trigger is pulled.

In this case, hold the muzzle in a safe direction. Keep your face away from the breech.

Then carefully open the gun, unload it and dispose of the cartridge in a safe way.

Her also, the best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades can help you.

How to aim with your Taurus G2C?

Who of you has ever challenged his friends at the shooting range with the pistol at 25 m?

Whoever got the worst hit on that occasion had to buy everyone a coffee.

Here comes an article for all those who always had to pay and think about how to compensate them morally and (given the coffee prices) materially.

We presume that precision shooting requires constant training with precise rules and knowledge of special psychomotor mechanisms.

The training is a complex didactic-methodological process consisting of repeated exercises in compliance with a series of principles.

The load must be constantly increased, which stimulates physiological processes and brings form and performance to a maximum.

Our best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades can help during this process.

After these sublime words, we return to the floor and watch as we bring these darned shots towards the ring of 10.

There are many blows that are thrown between your legs.

One of them might even be the coach or a friend who offers you his often questionable advice and fills your head with problems you didn’t know about before.

Target shooting itself is a very simple thing if you know some rules.

It is enough to take the gun in your hand, point it at the target, aim, pull the trigger correctly and the job is done.

Woe betide the one who makes your life difficult with insignificant problems regarding the choice of cartridges, adjustable grips for every change in temperature or adjustable rear sight for all light conditions!

We have often seen shooters who hit the target with difficulty and then blamed it on the bullets, poor lighting conditions or the gun.

We would like to remind you that weapons for short distances (such as pistols and revolvers) are very precise even with short barrels.

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Especially for beginners, some guns are not suitable for target shooting.

In the beginning it is better to put aside the 9 mm, .40 S&W or guns with particularly hard triggers and switch to a pistol with .22 LR caliber.

This is easier to handle and less expensive than a pistol with a large caliber.

It allows effective and frequent training without having to think constantly about how much money is wasted on ammunition and how much time is wasted on loading.

Even more practical than the .22 LR caliber pistol is an air or CO2 pistol. It allows to control the shot at the target without the disturbance of recoil and warping of the muzzle.

In this initial phase, one must practice the stance, the sighting and the firing, therefore the only difference between a .22 LR and a .45 ACP is the recoil.

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In general, a sport pistol with compressed air or with .22 LR calibre (often with adjustable sights) can be rented from the shooting club without any obligation to buy afterwards.

As soon as a good level is reached with these small caliber weapons, full-size models can be used, whereby one only has to get used to the larger recoil.

In the beginning, weapons equipped with a small sight or of antiquated design (such as backup weapons, western weapons or muzzle-loaders) can be left out.

These weapons can only be mastered later, when the other shooting components have been learned.

Let us now look at the phases of which the shot from a short firearm consists.

Shooting requires fine motor skills with maximum accuracy of execution and motor control.

If one of the three components – technique as well as physical and mental preparation – is missing, the hoped-for results cannot be achieved.

You have to make an effort to win this coffee!

When shooting with a short gun, the position towards the target should be as natural as possible.

The body weight should be evenly distributed over the legs and the feet should not be further away than shoulder width.

The precision shot, which is only carried out with the strong hand, requires the torso to be at an angle of approximately 45° to the target and the feet should also be at an angle of approximately 45°.

This is to prevent certain neck, trunk and arm muscles from being unnecessarily tensed.

Some shooters also position themselves in profile.

Each shooter must find the most comfortable and vibration-free position without blindly imitating others.

The arm that is not involved in the shooting phase must be relaxed and blocked, for example by having the hand in the trouser pocket or in the belt.

When the hand holds the grip, the weapon is lifted against the target and you go into firing position (align the weapon against the target and aim with the sight).

At this moment the pressure on the trigger starts with held air until the shot is fired.

After the shot has been fired, the final check takes place.

During these phases, various mistakes can be made with regard to the position of the weapon, aiming at the target and firing the shot.

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One of the factors that contribute to a good shot is the correct hand position of the weapon.

A grip that is adapted to the shooter’s hand must always be held in the same way.

With a good hand position, the index finger must reach the trigger comfortably and the trigger must be easy to pull.

The hand must grasp the grip firmly and without effort so that the gun returns to its vertical starting position after the shot and the target can be re-aimed.

The grip must not allow the first two limbs of the index finger to touch the outside of the gun, while the fingertip of the last limb must lie flat on the trigger to allow finger movement vertically to the axis of the gun while keeping the effort low.

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To prevent interference with firing, the thumb remains motionless.

The shooter must not press it down, must not participate in holding the pistol upright and must not move during the shot.

The centre of the second phalanges of the middle, ring and little finger should be on the front vertical axis of the grip.

After grasping the pistol and assuming a good position, point the gun at the target.

It is brought to eye level and the neck is not bent when aiming.

What happens when we look through the aiming device for the first time?

It seems as if the earth begins to tremble around our personal firing range.

This movement cannot be completely eliminated, it is natural and is caused by the opposite action of the extensor and flexor muscles, which must be trained as they provide the necessary balance.

The excessive tremor can be caused by insufficient physical preparation, the unaccustomed weight of the weapon, overly long aiming or emotional factors.

It is of no use to fight it.

You can only relax and wait and see that you become calmer with time and with increasing training.

Competitive shooting with a pistol is done at a distance of 25 meters.

For the sighted shot, you need to have a good view of the aiming device.

The target is focused with the dominant eye.

Since the human eye cannot focus on two objects at different distances, a good sight setting is important for avoiding mistakes.

You can keep both eyes open or close one or cover it with an aperture – it depends on your vision.

As far as the point of aim is concerned, the pistol shot is not an absolute precision shot, but a shot based on a volatile equilibrium where technique, physical stability and mental activation must be perfectly synchronized.

This means not seeking a precise point in the target, but allowing the front sight to oscillate within an imaginary circle of fluctuations.

The more restrained these fluctuations are, the more the diameter of our hit image is reduced.

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At the shooting range you often see shooters turning the target over and then drawing a circle on the white surface, or even worse, a black reference point.

There is no major mistake. In this way the eye is made to focus on the circle or point and an error is very likely.

To train the eye to focus the visor and rear sight sharply, there is a perfect exercise.

To do this, you first have to pull out without ammunition.

Afterwards, a completely white target is sharply shot at.

Since there is nothing to aim at, this trick forces the eye to concentrate on the target.

When training on the target with a free or standard pistol and adjustable rear sight, the target zone for adjusting the weapon for best results is the white area in the lower part between the black circle and the edge of the target.

This aiming technique is also called “zone technique” and almost all competition shooters use it.

When aiming in the centre, there is no contrast between the black aiming device and the centre of the target zone, which is also black. When the sight is positioned so that it brushes the circle, the shaking of the gun is at its strongest and the eye sends disturbing signals to our brain, which inhibit the correct execution of the shot.

Also, you will not be able to see if the visor comes into the black zone when you lift it.

If we aim at the white zone, quite close to the black circle, the eye is not able to perceive the vibrations completely and therefore the shots can be fired in a relaxed and concentrated manner.

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Triggering is the most important thing for a successful shot and at the same time the most serious and most frequent source of error.

A recurring mistake is to pull the trigger abruptly when you have a perfect view of the quietly appearing sight for a few moments.

The shooter applies a sudden force in this fraction of a second, thus disturbing the correct alignment of the weapon and causing an inaccurate hit on the target.

Another mistake which, together with the sudden squeeze, causes the shot to land outside the target is the increased force exerted by the hand on the grip.

Anyone who has ever trained with ammunition and especially with large-calibre weapons is used to holding the grip with both hands – a method that conceals the mistakes.

This incorrect training method makes the shooter acquire the bad habit of using force against recoil by lowering the gun before a shot has been fired.

To perfect the shot, it is necessary to shoot without ammunition.

Without the disturbance caused by firing the shot and only with the strong hand.

Shooting without ammunition trains the exact motor sequence and stores it.

During these exercises, the index finger must exert a progressive, continuous and decisive pressure on the trigger, while the hand holding the grip has a constant firmness all the time.

As soon as the trigger has been pulled, the so-called “final check” is carried out in order not to interrupt the concentration.

This involves further sighting and checking the reactions of the sighting device.

The information recorded by the brain during the entire process is mentally analysed.

The time span in which the shot should be fired is five to eight seconds, but such times are subjective.

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A good training method involves – after the various components of the shot have been practised with particular attention to shooting without ammunition – moving on to checking the learning process.

One shoots with ammunition from a distance of 25 m on the target, initially on white targets.

If a good result is achieved, the aiming and shooting are internalized.

At this point, it is possible to turn the target over to check if we can focus the sighting devices without being distracted by the black target and the pressure to reach points.

In doing so, more or less the same hit pattern as with the target without reference point must be achieved.

The training must focus primarily on the development of motor memory.

The continuous and correct repetition of the hand movement leads to the internalization and thus to the automatism of the hand movements that form the different shooting phases of pistol shooting.

Shooting mountains of cartridges incorrectly and without analysing the results deteriorates performance and, above all, triggers incorrect learning processes.

Anyone who has made mistakes and trained incorrectly and then has to reprogram the incorrectly acquired muscle memory will invest more effort than if he starts from zero.

You only learn to shoot well and improve if every shot is perfectly aimed.

And maybe with continuous training you will feel like competing with others and becoming a future champion.

All of our best Taurus G2C Accessories & Upgrades will help you to get there.

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