About Us

Matthew Chapman

Welcome to my corner of the gun and rifle world! My name is Matthew Chapman, and I am thrilled to share my extensive experience in both the military and hunting realms with you. As a lifelong enthusiast, I have dedicated my life to honing my skills, promoting responsible firearm ownership, and exploring the art of hunting.

Military Experience

Having served in the military for 7 years, I developed a profound appreciation for firearms and their significance in ensuring security and protecting lives. The rigorous training and real-world applications provided me with invaluable insights into the mechanics, handling, and tactical employment of various firearms.

During my military service, I had the privilege of working alongside fellow servicemen and women, sharing knowledge, and participating in specialized training programs. This experience enhanced my understanding of different firearms platforms, their strengths and limitations, and the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols.

Passion for Hunting

Beyond my military background, I have been an avid hunter for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a family of hunting enthusiasts, I was introduced to the wilderness at an early age. Exploring the great outdoors, understanding wildlife patterns, and mastering the art of the hunt became an integral part of my life.

Through countless hunting expeditions across diverse terrains, I have acquired valuable insights and firsthand experience in pursuit of various game species. I have learned the significance of ethical hunting practices, conservation efforts, and fostering a deep connection with nature.

Promoting Responsible Firearm Ownership

One of my primary missions is to promote responsible firearm ownership and emphasize the importance of safety. I firmly believe that every gun owner should prioritize proper training, adhere to legal regulations, and practice responsible handling and storage of firearms.

Through my articles and resources, I strive to create awareness and educate our community about these critical aspects.

John Kirkby

Greetings! I’m thrilled to welcome you to my world of target shooting and firearm exploration. My name is John Kirkby, and as a military veteran, I have channeled my passion for precision and discipline into the realm of target shooting. Allow me to share my story and experiences with you.

Military Background

Having served 8 years in the military, I developed a profound appreciation for the value of teamwork, discipline, and marksmanship. Through rigorous training and real-world missions, I gained invaluable knowledge about firearms, their capabilities, and the importance of accuracy under pressure.

My time in the military taught me the significance of responsible firearm ownership, adherence to safety protocols, and the unwavering commitment to excellence. These principles continue to shape my approach to target shooting and all aspects of my life.

Target Shooting as a Passion

After transitioning from military service, I found myself seeking an avenue to continue engaging with firearms and honing my skills. That’s when I discovered the world of target shooting—a discipline that allowed me to merge my love for precision, mental focus, and firearms.

Target shooting provided me with a therapeutic outlet and a way to maintain the discipline instilled during my military tenure. It became a journey of personal growth, self-improvement, and continuous learning. I found solace in the range, where I could challenge myself, refine my technique, and push the boundaries of my marksmanship abilities.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others

Motivated by my passion for target shooting and the desire to inspire fellow veterans and shooting enthusiasts, I established Mysqltuner.com as a platform to share my experiences, insights, and expertise. It is my mission to provide a comprehensive resource hub that caters to both beginners and experienced shooters.

Through informative articles, detailed guides, product reviews, and engaging content, I aim to empower individuals to pursue target shooting as a means of personal growth, recreational enjoyment, and skill development. I believe in fostering a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other’s experiences and support one another’s goals.

Emphasizing Safety and Responsibility

As a veteran, I recognize the utmost importance of safety and responsibility in the realm of firearms. I prioritize educating our community about the importance of proper handling, storage, and adherence to local laws and regulations. Through my content, I promote responsible firearm ownership and encourage shooters to prioritize safety at all times.

Building Bridges and Bridging Skills

Mysqltuner.com serves as a bridge between experienced shooters, novices, and everyone in between. Whether you’re looking for advice on selecting the right equipment, tips to enhance your marksmanship, or insights into competitive shooting, you’ll find a wealth of information to support your journey.

Additionally, I offer specialized training resources, highlighting the mental aspects of shooting, focus exercises, and techniques to improve accuracy and consistency. My goal is to assist you in achieving your personal shooting objectives and unlock your true potential.

John Kirkby