4 Best Taurus G2C Sights in 2020

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Looking for the perfect sight on the Taurus G2C? If so, certainly you’ll want to hang around. Since we’ve assembled a collection of the four best G2C Taurus sights that are known to be the most popular on the market.

When it comes to a sub-compact pistol such as the G2C, precision is key. But you need a good sight that will surely get the job done for you any time you ‘re going to use it on those situations. But which of those four sights are the right for you?

Before we get to the ranking, we’ll address whether the sights are exactly the same or not. Also we’ll learn more about what makes a sight stick out from the others and the qualities that enable it to do so.

Are all Sights the same?

The short reply is No.   Not all of these sights are similar for various reasons. They may be  of a different color (red, green , white, etc.). Some sights, including front and rear sights could be stand-alone sights.

Some of them do come in common shapes, of course. Concluding, there are differences that also confirm that none of the sights will be the same for a Taurus G2C.

What makes a perfect Taurus G2C Sight?

There are some attributes that make a sight for the Taurus G2C stick out from the others. It’s necessary to choose a sight focused on certain characteristics and attributes that will operate to your advantage. That way, when it comes to aiming, you would be able to optimize the ability of your weapon. Here’s what a fantastic sight for the G2C can help make it stand out:


The overall standard of the sight would rely on the type of materials from which the sight is produced. Sight housings are constructed of high-quality metal components such as steel or aluminium. The sights themselves do need to be constructed from a material named tritium.

Tritium is engineered to brighten the colour of the sights, meaning that even in certain low-light conditions it can be visible. It would also be useful for people who are older who have eyesight loss.


If you are searching for a good deal when it comes to sights, the price will be an important criteria for you. But there’s a catch: the Quality needs to remain great, compared to other sights.

Best Taurus G2C Sights review test

Yeah, you will find a sight that is inexpensive and would be strong in construction. But don’t have them mistaken with ineffective sights that are both low in price and quality.


We made sure they were easy to install while picking the sights for our Ranking. That’s because we don’t want you to work with complex setups which will be fine for a professional gunsmith.

With the help of a few materials, these sights that we suggest only take a few minutes to mount. When you get them mounted this way you will be ready and raring to go on the same day as you receive your sight.

The Best Taurus G2C Sights : Review

Below is a list of four Taurus G2C sights which are popular on the market. Through our long experience, we selected the best sights, which are a good deal without compromising quality . 

Make sure to take notice of the qualities and attributes so you can decide whether they are the closest you can come to your perfect choice of a sight. Now let’s take a look at our “best overall” Taurus G2C sights choice:

Best G2C Sight overall:  TRUGLO – Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets


  • Great for elder people with bad eyesight
  • Very easy Installation, just a matter of minutes
  • Compatible with nearly every G2C
  • Awesome quality, can literally not be destroyed
  • Very tight shooting groups, better than usual at certain Distances


  • We found none

What recent Buyers said

It was this sight that pleased most recent customers. itFor example, while the gun is being drawn it doesn’t catch on them. It also will be compatible with the great majority of holsters. One user said that, particularly because his last one was not just unreliable, this sight was a lot stronger, and would not get snagged in his holster like his last sight. Precision wise, multiple users have no trouble sighting it in at varying distances.

Why it is ranking as the best G2C sight overall

This sight wasn’t only designed for daytime use. This is a sight that can be utilized in low-light situations even through the night. In certain applications like a tactical or home-defense use, it would certainly be worth its money. No matter how bright or dark it might be, or how extremely pressurized the condition might be, it’s a sight that no person carrying every day would like to pass on.

Who should buy this sight

This will be utilized by law enforcement officers since it may be the best sight and would be used for tactical purposes. But it doesn’t mean it’s worthless for civil use. The sight is visible, and any that want accuracy to a certain degree would not be disappointed.


The TRUGLO Taurus Tritium Night Sight might be right up your alley if you are searching for a sight for your Taurus G2C pistol that could be deemed the greatest on the market. If you want precise shooting in both daytime and nighttime situations, this is the kind of sight you would want to use.

2nd Best G2C Sight: Hi-Viz Taurus PT-1911 Interchangeable Front Sight

Best G2C Sight: Hi-Viz Taurus PT-1911 Interchangeable Front Sight review test


  • Great visibility in daytime use
  • Precise & accurate Shooting groups
  • Easy Installation
  • Good for self defense situations
  • Great fit for most G2C & Taurus pistols


  • Not as bright as other sights

What the Buyers reported

Some of the latest buyers have been able to precisely meet ranges from 25 to 50 yards. None of them tried to get their sights to go a bit farther than that. Others claim this will be recommended for purposes of target shooting and self-defence.

Why it is ranking in our best G2C sights list

Fiber optics have shown to be similarly efficient as many sights. They are typically on a par with the sights of tritium type. We like this, since they are definitely the best optical fiber sights you can find.

Particularly when you’re searching for a sight that provides precise accuracy without having to compete with potentially distracting lights or voluminous housing.

Who should buy this

Those that will be using their Taurus G2C in the daytime will need this. That means it  would be tailored to aiming targets, self-defense and carrying it concealed every day.

It can also be used by those who want an easy sight like this to bring the highest possible precision out of their weapons.


Look no farther than Hi-Viz Taurus Sight as your best option if you are searching for an easy sight that you can use for daytime use.

If precise accuracy is your passion, a sight like this would certainly meet your expectations. Particularly when you use it for a small pistol like the G2C.

3rd Best G2C Sight: TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium & Fiber-Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights, Taurus Mil/Slim Set

TRUGLO - Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets review test

Title Here


  • Simple Installation
  • Won’t snag in your holster
  • Great fit on most G2C Pistols
  • Awesome performance in low light situations
  • Good for bad eye sight


  • It’s quite bulky

What the Buyers reported

This sight was considered by most recent buyers to be highly valuable for target practice. Others also claimed they are assured of the abilities of the sight to get the job done in cases of self-defence should anything arise in the future. The precision was accurate at distances between 10 and 50 yards away.

Why it is in the best G2C Sights ranking

This is potentially one of the most powerful sights best adjusted for Taurus G2C pistols. Even better, it will be affordable with most budgets. This is what we want in terms of a good sight, “better than you paid for.” The scope is limited in scale and would not in the least confuse the targets. Plus, it’s much more noticeable than your red targets, which may be hard to see on a sunny day for some people.

Who should buy it

This should be useful for people carrying concealed, and also target shooters. Especially those who intend on spending the whole day at the range. If for those long sessions you need a sight, then you certainly need one that will give you clarity every single moment.


The TRUGLO Tritium Xtreme could be just what you’re searching for if you’re hunting for a sight that would embarrass all other fiber optics and even tritium sights. You will no longer have to face the difficulty of coping with inaccurate sights that will not allow you the same precision shots that you deserve.

4th Best G2C Sight: TRUGLO – Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets

Best G2C Sight: TRUGLO - Taurus TFX Tritium Sight Sets review test


  • Accurate & precise shooting groups
  • Easy Installation
  • Small size
  • Great for daylight & nightlight settings


  • Installation Might Be a Challenge For Some

What the Buyers reported

Many new buyers have been able to fire off shots from range as small as 10 yards to as much as 75 yards out. This sight functions with applications of daily carrying.

Both novice target shooters and professional shooters were pleased with this sight enabling them to take precise shots reliably.

Why it is ranking as one of the Best G2C sights

This is a set composed of front and rear sights. These two are going to be co-witnesses with each other to guarantee it gets to anywhere you want the shot to go. And better, this is a sight which is going to be the nearest you can come to being versatile. This is because it has the potential to function during daytime as well as at night.

Who should buy this sight

The users who are target shooting and others who want to use their guns for self-defense purposes will love this sight. It’s also a favorite for those tired of coping with the annoyance of having their holsters snagging when attempting to draw the gun. Thanks to its architecture this sight can render it a thing of the past.


You have found a champion in the TRUGLO TFX Tritium sight if you’re searching for a perfect sight that will be consistent and precise no matter whether it’s day or night. Whether it’s on the range for a day out or to stop a prowler or home invader, this sight will do it anytime, every time. What kind of visibility will this do with your G2C Taurus?

Aspects to remember before buying

Besides the features, there are a few additional things you must remember before you purchase a Taurus G2C sight of your preference. This would be considerations which can help you determine which sight is better for you. Here’s what you ought to know about:

In 2005 Taurus launched the Millennium pistol series. Any of the weapons models in this collection include the PT-111, PT-132, PT-140 and PT-145, all in regular as well as Pro versions. These weapons were equipped with a striker-shot, short-recoil, and were designed to be shot with either double-action or single / double action. They were brought out to participate in the concealed carry industry and for contingency purposes with law enforcement. G2 arms introduced in 2013. Both came in 9 mm and .40 S&W cartridges.

The 9 mm variant of the PT-111 G2A featured rough stippling on the trigger, a port-side protective handle, single action with double-strike function operation, shaped “memory pads” into the case, an adjustable-rear 3-dot sight mechanism, and a Glock-style pull-down-lever takedown. Below are a few vitally relevant statistics:

There was the PT-111 Millenium Pro until the G2C came in existence. Among these, I owned two. They were fantastic handguns but a major change is the G2C. The stippled G2C grip and omission of the Taurus key-lock protection feature are two major discrepancies between the PT-111 Pro and the G2C.

That alone has prompted many to purchase this firearm over the older model. The defense structure has not been well received, to state it politically.

But, of the G2C, Taurus skipped it. Perhaps they thought they did not need it with four other safeties. It did serve a separate role but … its aim was to guarantee that if it was closed, the gun would not be able to shoot. I’ve known a few folks who don’t have a gun safe to keep their Taurus (or, for that matter, Smith and Wesson revolver) semi-auto locked to keep it safe. The current one does not have it anyway and I’m pleased.

What Color Sight Do I Want?

Some may favor the red over the green (and vice versa). But which color has best supported you? This is all that you can hold in mind when attempting to find your own sight. If you are struggling with bad eyesight, it’s possible that a vibrant hue like green or yellow would work much better for you than red.

Tritium or Fiber Optics ?

Both are bright and efficient and both give the same desired outcome: precise and reliable shots. But which one is nicer for you? When you have poor eyesight, and with certain shooters this is a toss-up. But if we had to pick, fiber optics could be the option. But don’t write off all of the tritium sights as useless.

Stand Alone Sights or Complete Set?

Are you not happy with the front or the rear sight? Hate the current sights that you’ve got right now? The decision that you have to make is which investment is right for you. If all of your sights aren’t as effective then buying a set that includes a rear and front sight can fit better for you than a single front or rear sight.

Best Taurus G2C Sights test review

If your front sight functions perfectly than a separate rear sight might be something you might consider buying.

How to Sight a Pistol: Taurus G2C Sight Adjustment Guide

You certainly aren’t alone if you don’t know how to sight in a gun. But rest assured, once you have followed this tutorial you will know how. When you are able to grasp it clearly, in the future you will be able to sight your own pistol (or some other firearm). Here’s what to do here:

  1. Look at the rear-view. Two nuts, you’ll see. These are for your windage and elevation adjustment. The furthest back would be the elevation lever. When you decide to use these change screws use a screwdriver.
  2. Turn the height change clockwise, to shift the impact region upwards. Switch the configuration counter-clockwise to transform it downwards.
  3. The other screw would be the windage configuration. Turn the screw clockwise, to change the sight to the right. If you decide to move west, then turn it in the direction opposite to the clock.
  4. Begin at 5 yards with 3 to 4 rounds to fire. When you’re comfortable at the level for finding bullseyes, so it’s only 7 yards away. Then transfer 10 yards. Three to five shots of fire at each point. Do not switch to a greater distance until you know for certain that you can reliably shoot accurate shots.

As a pro tip: make sure to have multiple magazines at disposal. It will take a while for the test shooting session.


The greatest sight of the Taurus G2C is out there. And you’ll find one that certainly suits your goals and aims. List one of the four sights listed above as one of your choices. If you’re opting for tritium or a fibre-optic sight, you ‘re certainly doing yourself and your Taurus G2C a favor by seeking a fantastic improvement to normal stock sights that can run head above shoulders.

Guide: Sights for the G2C

Metal sights in firearms – whether pistols or rifles, whether with smooth or rifled barrels – are actually rather plain components. But you should also pay attention to a few things when mounting them. We at all4shooters.com give you important tips and explain all types of sights.

Metal visors: all shapes, advantages, disadvantages

Precision is indispensable if the interaction between weapon and cartridge is to produce a compact hit pattern. The shot must always hit the target point, whether it is fired under test conditions, dynamically or in action.

To put it plainly: a hit pattern of one centimeter in diameter is precise, a hit pattern of six centimeters is still accurate.

Best Taurus G2C Sights review test

Shot accuracy is also linked to the aiming device used and its zero position. In the simplest system with rear sight and front sight, the front sight is simply placed in the middle of the rear sight so that two equally wide bright stripes are visible between the front sight and the edges of the rear sight. The highest point of the front sight must also be in line with the upper edge of the rear sight. In this way, the eye sees an imaginary line to the target point. Sounds simple, but there are a few things to consider.

For example, when light from a non-point source passes through a slit like the two slits on the right and left of the front Best Taurus G2C Sight, diffraction lines, called Fresnel diffraction, occur. This means that you no longer see a single ray of light, but several alternating bright and dark lines emanating from the edges of the slit.

The diffraction lines also occur when the slit you are looking at is formed by the upper edge of the target and the lower edge of the target. This means that you may see a white line at the upper edge even if the Best Taurus G2C Sight is in black. This is also a Fresnel line. If a shooter says that he sees the target flattened, but the edge is still in white, then he sees Fresnel lines. The result: the shot will hit too far up.

Sights for training and competition

To counter this effect, weapons for training and competition use ring-shaped targets, where the diameter of the ring must be larger than that of the black center of the target.

The ring must be larger in bright light and can be made smaller in low light, because the Fresnel lines are more visible in strong light contrasts.

The rear sight must be wide enough, because because of the Fresnel lines the lateral slits appear a bit more spongy, which makes alignment more difficult.

It is important: We do not see the rear sight and front sight, but a schematic outline that forms a contrast to the target.

From the aiming device we only see the outlines. For a good shot these must be clearly visible.

There must be no optical illusions and the contrast must be as clear as possible. The rear sight must be very narrow or be bevelled in the notch.

A wide rear sight without a bevel creates the impression of two “walls” as thick as the rear sight itself.

If the light comes from the side, one of these walls logically appears brighter than the other. This gives the impression of a wider gap on the illuminated side when the front sight is centered. So you would move further to the other side and not aim exactly anymore without noticing it.

For the same reason, the front sight must also be bevelled, exactly the other way round than the rear sight and in the shape of a truncated pyramid, with the base pointing towards the shooter. A “wall” is always disturbing, even if it is hardly visible.

Sights for professional use and hunting

The aiming device of a weapon for professional use must ensure that it can be drawn quickly. This requires a suitable holster that does not overstress the rear sight and front sight.

Fiberglass sights are good for hunting, but not for precision shooting on the shooting range, because the contrast between the sight and the target must be as strong as possible, but not between the rear sight and the front sight.

It is also an advantage if the side of the front sight facing the shooter as well as the rear sight are slightly tilted backwards so that both are always in the shade. The semicircular “half-dollar” front sight on some revolvers makes collimation more difficult and is responsible for numerous errors.

How to Install G2C Night Sights

Learn how to mount fresh G2C sights easily without the need to purchase a pricey sight pusher.

OEM night sights are our example but the same method may be used with other sights.

Why Night Sights

If you ever think in a nighttime scenario like home protection, self-defense, or just a night gun course you’ll need your Best Taurus G2C Sights, I ‘d consider having the night sights.

After struggling hard during a night-time session, I received my G2C lesson. You should order your G2C with factory sights already mounted, but if you haven’t, then here’s how to quickly mount them at home without costing the gunsmith ~$50.

What you will need:

  • G2C (Who thought)
  • Nylon Punch: Contrasted with a standard brass strike, helps avoid marring of the frame / sights.
  • Nut Driver 3/16: To detach and mount the front eye.
  • Thread Locker (Medium): Prevent loosening of front sight due to shaking.
  • Hammer
  • Vise
  • Nylon Vise Jaws: Keep the frame from marring.
  • Variations G2C Night Sights and Trijicon

Installing a Best Taurus G2C Night Sight

Disassemble your G2C, so that you can just use the slide without the spring or muzzle of the recoil.

You confirmed that everything was OK?

And if you don’t yet know how to do this … you might want to rethink downloading night sights, or just watch the above footage.

Let the driver out of your eye, and delete the front vision. I want to screw back into the Best Taurus G2C Sights in the old screw for careful handling.

Place a little dab of the medium force thread locker onto the new screw in the new night sight facing the right way.

Until submitting, I prefer to put the screw first within the nut carrier.

Then grab the front Best Taurus G2C Sights and lock it down, so it doesn’t come out. Don’t twist it too hard or the screw could snap. Double-check for clear vision.

Put on your vise on the nylon jaws, and position the slip. I want to position it, so that I hammer hard.

Best Taurus G2C Sights test review

Then punch and hammer in the nylon and start hammering down on the old plastic eye.

I want to hammer further against the base of the rear eye, but I end up tilting it with the nylon punch so I fit the point of view. It should get out fairly fast.

Bring in the new Best Taurus G2C Sights (oriented in the right way … I can’t believe I have to say this because I’ve seen people screw up). They drop down to around halfway of the OEM models.

With the nylon punch start hammering it in. It even goes in pretty quickly.

I pull out the slide and double-check as it seems fairly similar to the middle. In this scenario, it looks like I need to pound in only a little further so that even the hollow edges do.

It looks pretty nice after one more touch, and is ready for the list.

I often use a micrometer to double-check, but I figure if something’s wrong, the eyes will tell you. Then time for the supreme range search or you should use a laser simulator (which is also a great testing tool). The MantisX Training Method is also fantastic!

Mine turned out great.

Let me know how your installation went, and what did you get if you didn’t have the Best Taurus G2C Sights instead?


Verdict If you ever choose to use one despite knowing how to do it without a tool … take a peek at the Basic Sight Pusher.

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